How to Create a Lovely Mosaic Tray Table

4 Materials
2 Hours

I saw this sturdy tray table for a bargain price and the design wasn’t m style but I saw it as an opportunity

Tray table

I begin to place some small glass mosaic tiles in colours orang yellow red around the very edge with PVA glue and build up a first layer.

Mosaic tiles

I build up in mix of citrus colours and a few alternate rows of black and white to create some contrast and interest in the design.

Building up design
Adding tiles

It begins to grow and develop a character and I alternate with some large cream tiles as well as rows or smaller ones.

All tiles

Finally I slot in and glue the centre tiles into position and leave the tray to dry over night.

The next step when it’s all dry is grouting. I use ready mixed black grout and a Flexi card or plastic to work into all the crevices and edges.

Wipe off excess grout

It takes a while to tidy it up and after some time it cleans up well and eventually it’s ready and complete. Time for The big reveal !

I am so thrilled with this makeover and what a bright way to be served breakfast in bed or as a low additional pop up table for toddlers to eat or play on.

Mosaic tray table
Mosaic tray table
Suggested materials:
  • Mosaic glass tiles   (Amazon)
  • Tray table   (Amazon)
  • Black ready mixed grout   (Amazon)
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  • Sarah Sarah on Jan 14, 2022

    It’s gorgeous! I have all this sea glass I’ve collected throughout the years and I want to make a mosaic piece something similar to this one. Any pointers?

  • Christina Christina on Feb 02, 2022

    Looks so beautiful 😍