Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

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After painting my master bathroom cabinets during our reno of that room I recieved the go ahead from my husband to paint the kitchen! I seriously hate this hate the honey oak contractor special cabinets that are found in all 3 bathrooms and my kitchen!

BEFORE! I had begun to remove the doors and drawers before i remembered to take before

When we moved in we simply changed the hardware but the detail wasnt very noticeable on the dark dingy cabinets. Now they look great and the detail is so visible!

I was just getting started so don't mind the mess.

First, I wiped down all the cabinets with a white vinegar and water solution plus a few drops of dish soap. Removed all the hardware and took off the doors, plus taped off the walls.

Time for paint (that's right no sanding or priming)!

I use Shabby paint brand chalk paint in Worn White. Clear Varnish, and Hazelnut revax. Love their products! the varnish and revax are non toxic substitutes for glazing and waxing. SO MUCH EASIER TOO!!! All of their products are 100% toxin free and made in the U.S.A.

I added 3 coats on the front of the doors and drawers, and only 2 coats of paint on the back of the doors and cabinet frames.

Then, I used Shabby paint brands specially formulated varnish which would substitute for a glaze, wax, or polyurethane. Its 100% toxin free, odorless, and no fumes. The varnish gives a nice sheen and hard protective coating.

Then, I use Shabby brands revax for aging. You simply paint it on with a small artists brush for the look I gave it only in the corners and edging details.

See it in the corners here?

I let it dry overnight then reattach the hardware and hang the doors back up and done!

Now they look great and the detail is so visible!

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  • Carmela Carmela on Oct 15, 2021

    I really love your hardware!

  • C Israel C Israel on Nov 24, 2021

    I'm looking for a creamy white for my kitchen cabinets - no yellow tinge. The white in your photos look just like what I want but you know how photos can be... So is this a creamy white? When I look at the paint chip on the Shabby website, it actually looks like tan instead of white. Thanks!

  • TKS55095349 TKS55095349 on Feb 06, 2022

    Does the wood grain show after paint

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  • Em Em on Oct 14, 2021

    Attach all of your notes and things on the fridge to the inside of the cabinet doors for a really clean look. Mount clips with screws and paint a section with chalk paint. Use an bin pull upside down to hold the chalk. Less messy look to go with your beautiful cabinets.

  • Helen Helen on Dec 22, 2021

    I love this look! some day, if i have time (im 82) i'm going to do it! i'm a busy active person and i know i can. i also like the suggestion of putting notes, etc. inside my cab door. that i will do now. thank you both