New Life for Family Heirloom Furniture

3 Materials
2 Days

My mother-in-law remodeled her bedroom and offered us her bedroom room furniture. It’s beautiful quality, as most older furniture is, but quite dated. I’m not always a traditional furniture girl but I can’t turn down free hood quality furniture.

When I decided to start my bedroom refresh, I knew I wanted to include at least the nightstands from my mother-in-law so let’s get going.

  1. First I cleaned the piece really well. My mother-in-law keeps things pristine so I just needed a light cleaner.
  2. Remove the hardware - in this case, I taped off the hardware because I was unable to remove some of them.
  3. Apply deglosser to the whole piece to remove the gloss.
  4. Clean the piece again
  5. Apply two light coats of a quality primer. Some people love rollers for furniture but I am more of a brush girl.
  6. Between the primer and paint coats, I like to lightly sand with 220 sandpaper and then clean the piece again very well.
  7. Finally it is time to paint! I like to use fusion mineral paint for easy application and great finish. This piece took 3 coats since it went from really dark cherry to bright white.
  8. Then comes the top coat- when using Fusion mineral paint I like to use their matte tough coat.
  9. Now it’s time to pop that hardware back on and style the piece in your room!

Before- my mother-in-law let us have her old furniture

These are all the products I used for this process

Two coats of printer!

These drawers wouldn’t come out- my mother-in-law installed dowels to keep them in place so I painted this piece with drawers in place.

Adding the hardware back in gives us that beautiful traditional vibe.

After- I love the “new” piece in our room and my Mother-in-law is happy it is being kept in the family.

Suggested materials:

  • Fusion mineral paint   (Honeycomb Creative)
  • Fusion Mineral Top Coat   (Honeycomb Creative)
  • Primer   (Lowes)

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