Painting a Pressed Wood Cabinet

3 Hours
I wanted to get a couple of two drawer filing cabinets to replace the one tall one I had in my closet. By using the shorter ones, I would not lose the ability to still hang things in my closet. I bought a couple and when I put the first one together, the drawers did not line up and it was really crappy. It wasn't the cheapest ones and I have had pretty good luck with the pressed board type before, but these did nothing for me. Needless to say, I took them both back.
I happened to be at Goodwill later in the week and came upon this one. It looked like someone had taped it shut and when they took the tape off it ripped the paper off. Other than that, it looked pretty good. I figured I could paint it. After all, it was going in the closet.
I knew if I just painted it, it would not be pretty. So, I took the sander to it and within minutes, it was down to the pressed board.
Then I painted the top and bottom base a turquoise blue, the drawers a metallic silver and the sides black. It needed something else, so I printed out a silhouette of a golden and stenciled it on the front.
Since the sides were black and the tail wouldn't show, I decided to finish the tail with the metallic silver. Who knows, maybe it won't end up in the closet after all!!
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  • Barbara Mh Barbara Mh on Sep 11, 2018

    This sounds great! My Bathroom vanity is made out of pressed wood and that funky cheap paper. Can I use the same method to paint that as well?

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