Simple 1-2-3 Chair Redo!

2 Days
I am a bargain hunter but you can't beat free! Found a perfectly fine chair at the side of the road and thought I was seeing things. All I can think of is someone cleaned out an attic and did not want to be bothered with a garage sale or hauling it away. All it needed was some TLC and I would have a nice sewing chair.
I love color but not what I was going for.
Started to sand the old paint away and found this beautiful wood underneath. I love natural wood but I did not have the patience to strip it and this was not the look I was going for this time. If I get tired of my paint job I know I always have an option of getting it refinished, ( by someone else not me.)
Now to lighten it up with some spray paint, two cans approximately $6.00 , one white the other light gray, the color of my sewing desk.
New material over the old seat for about $3.00 and there you have it, trash to treasure!
One - found the treasure, Two- gave it a coat or two of paint,Three-re covered the seat and there you have it a 1-2-3 redo!
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