Craft an Anthropologie-Inspired Creative DIY Ceiling Light Cover

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Want to bring some rustic charm into your room? Here's your chance with this creative DIY ceiling light cover project.

Using affordable supplies from the Dollar Store, you can fashion a one-of-a-kind woven light fixture that changes up any space.

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This guide will walk you through making your own DIY hanging light using Dollar Store wreath forms and jute twine.

Dollar Store wreath forms- Crafting a 3D light fixture with jute twine

1. Gathering Materials

To begin this DIY pendant light shade project, head to your nearest Dollar Store and pick up the following:

Tools and Materials

Remember that the specific quantities of jute twine and floral wire will depend on the size of the wreath forms and the design you're aiming for. Adjust the materials accordingly based on your preferences and the actual dimensions of the wreath forms you're using.

Assemble the 3D wreath form

2. Prepare the Wreath Forms

Assemble the 3D wreath form according to the instructions provided.

Creative DIY light fixture using wreath forms and jute twine

Next, using sharp wire cutters, Carefully separate the wire rings from each other on the large and small wreath forms.

Parts of the wreath forms to use for the DIY lampshade frame

For this project, you are going to use the second-to-largest ring and the second-to-smallest rings from the large wreath forms. You will also need the smallest rings from the smaller wreath forms.

Handmade wire globe pendant light tutorial with wreath forms

2. Build the Base of Your Woven Light Fixture

Take the second-to-largest ring and position it at the center of the wire globe.

Attach second to smallest rings horizontally

Now, grab two of the second-to-smallest rings and attach them horizontally, finding their place midway between the center ring and the bottom of the globe.

Attach the smallest rings

Finally, take the smallest rings and attach them horizontally to each end of the globe.

Add glue to the points of attachment for extra strength

Secure everything in place with floral wire as you place them in the globe.

Add glue to the points of attachment to secure the floral wire in place.

Tie a piece of jute twine to the top of the globe

3. Weaving the Jute Twine

Let's dive into the intricacies of the weaving process. Start by knotting a piece of jute twine securely at the top of the globe.

Weave the jute twine around the wire light frame

Start to loop and weave the jute twine over and under one section of the wire globe.

Once finished with this section, skip the section beside it and start to weave the jute in the next section in the same direction.

Dollar Store wreath forms decoration ideas

Work your way up the globe and weave the jute in every other section.

Weaving jute rope around the frame in a horizontal direction

At this point, make sure you are still weaving in the same direction. I began my weaving horizontally.

Weave adjacent sections vertically

Once you have the horizontal sections complete, start to weave the alternate sections vertically.

I completed the weaving throughout the middle of the globe and left openings at the top and bottom of the globe for visual interest.

Rustic pendant light DIY project

4. Illuminating Your DIY Hanging Light

When you have completed all of your looping and weaving, take a light cord and attach it to the top of the globe with the bulb hanging in the center.

Use a very low-wattage bulb such as a nightlight bulb or an Led bulb that does not get hot.

Hang your woven jute light fixture from a hook on the ceiling.

More Creative Pendant Lights

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Illuminating spaces with creative DIY fixtures

Creative DIY Ceiling Light Cover Tutorial

Whether it's for your living room, bedroom, or any other space, this unique pendant light is sure to captivate attention.

I can't wait for you to embark on this creative journey and make it your own. So, why wait? Get started on your very own woven light fixture and let your creativity shine!

Did this project light up your creative spark? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! I'd love to hear how your DIY ceiling light cover turned out.

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  • 3D wreath form
  • Large wreath form
  • Small wreath form
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