Over-head Mood Lights and Keepsakes.

This was made from things I already had around the house. It was quick, easy and required little skill.
The dome is simply a 12 foot piece of 3/4 inch pvc pipe. The bed was a gift but the canopy it once had wasn't with it. The holes in the head posts which would have held the canopy worked right into this project.
I used three long nails with tiny heads in each bed post.
I tapped them into the holes in the bed posts.
I sewed a fabric casing a little over an inch wide by about 30 feet long. I shirred the casing onto the pvc pipe and secured the ends with rubber bands.
Then I slipped the ends of the pvc pipe over the nails in the headboard
I removed the rubber bands and let the fabric completely cover the pipe.
We started with just colored M & Ms string lights which cast cool colors on the wall. The paper lanterns were added a few years later. .
The lights are controlled by a hassle free switch plug.
We zip-locked a power strip to the head board for charging her cell phone and laptop.
Keepsakes were added over the years
The last keepsakes added were high school graduation tassels and ribbons.
She's graduated college and now, sadly for us, lives in her own place in another town.
But this will always be her room when she comes to visit. I often turn on the lights just because it makes it feel like she's here.
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