Help with colors and ideas for kitchen?


Bought my dream home. But one thing I would like to change. Kitchen back splash and counter tops clash in color and pattern. Any suggestions? Thank you :)

Side note - I’m going to remove stainless steel sink and replace with white cast iron.

q help with colors and ideas for kitchen

Granite counter top/back splash mis-matched.

q help with colors and ideas for kitchen

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  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Jul 20, 2020

    I would go with white backsplash. Perhaps just traditional subway tile. It will give you the contrast between the counter and backsplash and brighten the kitchen, too.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 20, 2020

    I agree that white tile would look lovely. There are tons of choices for white tile out there, so do some research online. There are beautiful variations, even with subway tile. Even with a simple white tile, there are different patterns you can apply them in. Good luck and stay safe!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jul 20, 2020

    I agree with Chloe, white subway tiles would be nice, the small squares are very busy and as you have stated, they do not match the counter tops. You could also do a contrasting horizontal strip ( maybe in a complementary color) with the counter tops just to tie it together, to break up the subway tiles if you choose that.

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Jul 20, 2020

    Hi Terry, congratulations on your new home. I think white subway tile would look great as a backsplash., it would brighten up the area. You way want to stick with marble type counter tops. Good luck with your new home.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 21, 2020

    Keep in mind that removing any backsplash tile is undoubtedly going to cause damage to the drywall underneath. This will have to be repaired/replaced first in preparation for the installation of the new tiles.

    Often inexperienced diyers do not budget for the expenses incurred during this stage of the remodelling job.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 21, 2020

    All tiles, even 'basic white subway tiles' are not created equally.

    Generally lower priced tiles are thinner than higher priced tiles, resulting in more breakage when being cut. This results in a greater pile of broken tile pieces that cannot be used. Higher priced or higher end tiles can be expected to be more durable than cheap ones.

    When budgeting for the job, remember to purchase more than just the sq footage of your area, to allow for chipping, cracking and breakage.

  • on Jul 21, 2020

    Peel and stick tiles would be a quick solve to your backsplash problem. :)

  • Catherine Deirdre Rodden Catherine Deirdre Rodden on Jul 21, 2020

    I personally love the pressed tin tile back splashes but if you are getting rid of the stainless steel sink for a white one then I would very much go with everyone else's suggestion of the white subway tile.

    • Terry Terry on Jul 21, 2020

      The kitchen above is very pretty. I think I will go with the white subway tiles or something similar. Thank you.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 21, 2020

    I have seen some beautiful paneling at lowes. They carry some barnwood paneling that would look stunning as the back splash in your kitchen.

    I would be careful not to do too much white as that can make the room look very sterile. A splash of some color on the cabinets would look nice.

    Everybody and their dog has white cabinets. You can add color but still keep it light by varying the shade of color.

    Here is an example of the paneling from lowes:

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    • Flipturn Flipturn on Jul 22, 2020

      You're welcome.

      Check sources such as Ebay for purchasing knobs in bulk, which tends to be less expensive than retail priced singles.

  • Dee Dee on Jul 21, 2020

    I would put in gray glass subway or white glass subway tiles. I would also put in a dark granite or quartz countertop. Too much white if you do it all white. You need some color in your kitchen. Are you going to paint the walls?

    • Terry Terry on Jul 22, 2020

      Thank you for your response. I’m keeping the walls a creamy beige.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Jul 31, 2020

    I would for sure keep your backsplash white ... what about mini brick ceramic tiles with slightly darker grout ... would also add under lights