Looking for any suggestions - It's like a wood veneer ...

q how can i cover this or paint or make pretty
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 22, 2021


    PAINT IT THE SANE COLOUR AS YOUR WALLS TO LOOSE IT. Ass artificial pot plants at the top or large glass or ceramic items.

  • I would paint it. The same color as the walls if you want it to blend in, or a contrasting color to accent it.

  • Debra Howe Debra Howe on Aug 22, 2021

    Absolutely paint it the same color as your walls, but first consider removing the upper level of cabinets and repurposing them elsewhere. (It's obviously a separate piece that is easily removed without damaging your tower.) Removing that piece will vastly open up your room.

  • Judy in Canton. Judy in Canton. on Aug 22, 2021

    Whether you remove the cabinets or not ( I would remove them) I would consider covering that area in stone or brick. Extend the counter top into the living area and use it as a bar. Change out the kitchen light fixture. If you decide to keep the cabinets in place, after you paint it or recover it hang some pictures or sconces on the living room side.

  • Suzne Suzne on Aug 22, 2021

    Interesting space you have to work with.

    paint the same as walls, or you could make it a bit of an accent /decor piece with a complementary pleasant light colour. or any 'peel and stick' tiles or 'wall coverings' too.

    (ONLY if this is OWNED by you and not a rental unit! I don't want to get you in trouble!)...

    *Empty and unscrew and move the upper cabinets to the left side of kitchen area, just above fridge height.

    *add some nice hanging lights above the sink/ counter area.

    *possibly add some small shelves on the side of the tower, (glass? ) and display pretty china or glasses you use

    *add a permanent or simple fold -down counter strip along the front of the cabinet and some tall chairs, and it will make a lunch counter or quick buffet area for a get-together!

    now you've got a more useful and attractive spot in a previous dead-zone!

    ps. you can attach a tall shutter to a simple shallow frame in front of what looks like a heater? unit on the wall to the right. paint (possibly with a heat -resistant paint if necessary) to make it a bit less intrusive in what looks like a dining or living room area.


  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Aug 22, 2021

    Totally agree with the above posters consider painting it the same color as the wall. I have some exposed PVC piping in my laundry room and I painted the plumbing piping the same wall color and it helps it to disappear.

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 22, 2021

    Agree with Ann but go one step further and hang stuff on the backside.

    Perhaps artwork, pretty jello molds, a clock, mirrors if more light is needed.

  • Janice Janice on Aug 22, 2021

    Prime and paint it in the same color as the other walls as well as the door shown in the pic maybe in the dining/living room area. Possibly add horizontal piece of artwork above the counter area or a vertical piece on the vertical floor to ceiling area in your pic.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Aug 22, 2021

    You could paint or cover with wallpaper. Clean with tsp then prime and paint with a good quality paint.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Aug 22, 2021

    Are you wanting ideas to improve the appearance of the kitchen that are temporary, or permanent?

    This looks like an apartment. Are you renting it, or do you own it?

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Aug 22, 2021

    You could paint it ,you could cover with tiles like the stainless steel ones or cover with wains coat and paint black

  • Betsy Betsy on Aug 22, 2021

    Hi Reena: I'd paint it the same as the walls and also paint the door and that vent thing the same colour as the walls to make them fade into the background. In order to paint veneer, check this site. Left click on the one you want to look at and information will come up for you. You might want to look at the ovals at the top of the page for better information.

    Good luck

  • Lindsay Aratari Lindsay Aratari on Aug 24, 2021

    I would paint it a fun color along with the rest of the kitchen cabinets

  • Annie Annie on Aug 26, 2021

    You could paint it. Perhaps a shelf behind sink.... Could be used as a seating spot....