The Chair That Spoke to Me!

I stopped by a thrift store the other day that was having a FREE sale on their deck. Essentially, these were items they couldn't sell. I had just brought home a vintage Bali Hai bedroom set the night before - which I obtained for FREE on Craigslist (and hadn't started the upcycle yet) and also still had my most recently finished project still sitting in my sun room, waiting for the new owner to pick it up. So, why was I there? I have a sickness...I'm convinced of it - but that's another story.
Immediately upon exiting my car, I saw this chair. It spoke to me - no did. I walked over to it....not bad, a little bruising on the cane back, but nothing that couldn't be pampered up. It didn't stink and the cushion was in great shape (the upholstery - not so much). I couldn't, right? So, I walked around and came back to the chair. Then I went inside the store to look at things that had price tags on them (the horror!) and attempted to leave empty handed. I couldn't get to my car - the chair was speaking to me, so I had to give in.
About the time I pulled away from the curb, I panicked. Would this be THE piece of furniture that would push my sweetheart (who really IS a sweetheart) over the edge? I am ashamed to say that I briefly considered hiding it in the shed. Alas...we don't keep secrets, so I took it home and put it in the garage with my other recent scores and figured I'd let him notice it on his own.....which he did...that evening...and then he walked into the living room and said, "I am placing a moratorium on bringing any more furniture into the house until you've finished the projects you have". And then he walked away.
Needless to say - I got started on this the very next morning and finished it up within 2 days. Hey, if something else speaks to me, I can't be in the throws of a moratorium!
Here's how it turned out. What do you think?
The condition it was in when it spoke to me. Can you hear it??
I did remove the awful upholstery before the sweetheart saw it.
A light sanding and a couple coats of light turquoise paint, followed by some tinted wax.
A beachy burlap seat! I was going to use a rope trim to cover the tacks, and then decided I kind of liked the look.
What do you think?
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  • Karen Hockman Karen Hockman on Feb 25, 2014
    Furniture speaks to me all the time, love the transformation. Karen

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 25, 2014
    Beautiful! Some of these old chairs really need some TLC! I have one that is similar...except mine has arms instead of the barrel look...and it is in perfect condition. It was given to me by an elderly neighbor where it had sat in her living room for over 40 years! Not even the upholstery was dusty! It goes perfectly with my furniture so I had to do nothing to it!

    • Bethany P Bethany P on Feb 25, 2014
      Awww, what a lucky find & so special that it came from someone you know. It's always such a lucky break to find things that have had only one owner & have been taken care of. I'll bet it's beautiful!