Drab to Fab Barrel Chairs

I found these chairs on Craigslist for $25. Great bones, but pretty ugly to start.
Start by cleaning the frame with Clorox wipes. Once clean and dry, spray paint gold (keep the old fabric on to protect the cushions). You may need to touch up the paint after you pull off the fabric, cushions and staples.
Spray paint
After painting, unscrew the cushions from the frame so that you can remove and then replace the fabric.
Remove cushion
Then pull the rest of the old fabric and trim off.
Out with the old
Once all of the fabric is removed it's time to start cutting out your new fabric. Also a good time to assess if the foam needs to be replaced. Luckily for me this foam is in great shape.
The bones
Time to start cutting my new fabric.
Use your old fabric to trace your pattern onto your new fabric. I always give myself an extra 1/2" to 1" to be safe...especially in the areas where I am working around lots of angles.
Center your new fabric on your cushion and begin stapling. I always put 2 staples on each side to start to make sure the fabric doesn't shift and stays centered.
Cushions, check!
Cushions are done. I love mixing patterns in the same fabric/colors.
Seat back
Time to tackle the back of the chair. Start with a layer of fabric facing out. Then add your foam back in, and and seal by stapling another piece of fabric facing the other direction.
Nail heads
Final step. Use nail heads to conceal the staples. JoAnn Fabrics has these great nail head rolls. Looks like hundreds of nail heads, but you only have to put a nail through every 6th one.
Finally finished. Brought them to workbook glam up the office.
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