Candy Away Book Case

So this little gem was dirty, scuffed, and I'm gonna go with something spilled all over it vs what I really think the spatter was.... YUK!
First I tore the aweful practical board back off and tossed it.. Then after a good old fashioned scrubbing with a mixture of a vinegar and baking soda and a scuff pad we are ready to start. I sanded the top to remove all of the old varnish and stain. Then I painted the whole body with my own chalk paint recipe. After distressing it a bit I aged the top with a vinegar solution. I replaced the partial board back with some old barn wood and I built 2 picture frame style doors out if the same barn wood and aged them the same as the top. After everything has dried and cured I coated the top and door frames with a water based clear.
Adding chicken wire to the door frames and cute farmhouse style pulls complete it.
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