Garden Toolbox Mailbox,My Latest Feline Addition

30 Minutes
Thanks to Julee S. of Bangor,MI, I was reminded that I had this old mailbox so I dug it out of storage and I cleaned it up a bit and gave it a paint job and glued some buttons onto the metal flowers so I thought that you all might like to see my finished product.So what do you think?
This is my new garden toolbox mailbox.She was too small for my regular mail delivery.LOL
Here is a side view where I glued the buttons onto the metal flowers centers. There had been some metal stuff that had gotten all nasty so I just plucked it off.
This is a looksey inside my newly renovated toolbox.So far no bugs or spiders.:)
Here is a close up of the buttons that I glued to the center of the metal flowers to give it character!I also painted the flowers with metallic craft paint.
Here is the final pic of the centers of the other 2 flowers.I painted them too with metallic craft paint.:)
This is Julee's mailbox that reminded me about my mailbox that I wasn't using. Thanks Julee!
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