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I have a small kitchen... Not small really... More like a tiny, microscopic kitchen! I cook a lot bcz we have an abounding progeny and I am always looking for ideas to save time and space. That is how I came up with this project!

I first made a list of all the spices and herbs I use, and I use a LOT! Hubby even told me : do we really have all of those?? That explains the $60 cost... but yours will depends on your needs.

I then went to the dollar store to buy some spice jars and some bigger containers for sugar, flour, etc.

Dollar store jars : $2 for a pack of 2!
I made labels for everything, using a free vector on freepik.com. If you don't have a vector editor (such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.), you will find blank labels below on wich you could write with a white sharpie. After having them printed at Staples, I carefully cutted all the labels with scissors. I wish I had a Silhouette Cameo cutter!!!
To be printed on 8.5" x 11" sheet
After cleaning all the jars, I applied Mod Podge on the jar, put the label ont it and applied a coat of Mod Podge again.
I installed shelves in my two kitchen windows, on which I placed the spice jars.

Ok, dried spices & herbs are done... But I LOVE cooking with fresh herbs and, since winter is coming, I decided to bring my garden inside my house! I don't have a green thumb. In fact, it is probably as black as death itself! Plants tend to commit suicide when they realize I am their owner! The only good experiences I had with plants, is when I let them grow in water... So I decided to try it with herbs!
I put a bottle of soda upside down on a Mason jar. With a Sharpie, I traced the outline of the Mason jar's opening on the bottle. With an Xacto, I roughly cut the bottle in two and then, with scissors, I cut the bottle along the line I had previously drawn.
I stuck the bottle top between the Mason jar and its lid. The bottle will serve as a neck to separate the plant from its roots. Thus, the leafs will remain dry, while the roots will grow and expand in the jar. The plant will then be trapped! No wonder they hate me so much! Lolll
I still need to drink more soda in order to finish my fresh herbs section!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Suggested materials:

  • Spice jars   (Dollar Store)
  • Labels and printing   (Freepik.com & Staples)
  • Mod Podge   (Omer De Serre (local art store))
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  • Sandy Hatch Sandy Hatch on Oct 25, 2017
    Did you know that sunlight leaches the taste from spices. You might need to paint your jard.

  • Joy Parker Starling Joy Parker Starling on Nov 12, 2017
    is there a number for the labels? I searched Staples.com but did not find the same labels.


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