Organize Your Spices With Magnetic Spice Jars

As part of my new care-giver role for my Mom, I am doing more cooking than I've ever done! I am constantly looking for recipes for foods that she will eat. Consequently I am discovering a variety of spices to add to the good old stand-bys. I now had 2 overflowing baskets of spices in my cupboard as well as jars of spices always sitting on my counter. I needed a way to organize them so that I was not constantly pulling out the baskets and looking for spices and that also cleared up some of the clutter from my kitchen counter. I love the little magnetic baskets I have on the side of my fridge and I decided to find a way to hang my spices on the side of my microwave where they would be close by when I'm cooking. Here is the result: I used a new product from Ball (the canning jar company) which is a great little 4 oz. herb jar with a shaker top and some neodymium magnets (super strong, so be careful when you use them!) to solve my problem. What do you think? For more information, please see my post (includes a video) on HubPages:
AFTER: 16 spice jars neatly hanging on my microwave
The labels are on the side of the jars to identify the spices. I arranged them alphabetically!
Love this little herb jar- size is perfect for spices, the lid is plastic (so, no rust problem), holes are big enough for some of the larger spices
The herb jars come in packs of 4 and include the blank labels
I used neodymium magnets- they are SUPER strong- difficult to separate if you don't know the trick to it
To separate, put the magnets alond the edge of a straight counter. Push (slide) the magnet down until it separates from the rest. Lay them apart from each other or from other metal obects- or they WILL fly to them!
Use super glue to attach the magnets to the bottom. (tried white glue and glue gun which do not work with glass!)
BEFORE: I have LOTS of spices!
I got the idea from the little magnetic baskets and clips I had on the microwave and fridge
Fun video I made describing the project. Enjoy!

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  • Mary Buffone Mary Buffone on Apr 06, 2017
    How much were the spice jars?
    Would the magnets stick to a baking sheet?


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  • Jacquelyn Bauer Jacquelyn Bauer on Mar 02, 2015
    My father used baby food jars for small items in his garage. You could use them for this. You would just have to put holes in the lids. Or try putting screening under the lid for shaking. Just a thought.done

    • Ivylore Ivylore on Mar 02, 2015
      @Jacquelyn Bauer Thanks, I've seen that done too. I think for me these little jars work well because the lid closes over the holes and that way the spices don't fall out... and, the holes are already there. With my luck, I would probably smash my fingers trying to pound the holes into the lids. :( Also, I don't have any baby food jars, so i guess this was a better option for me.

  • Chris Richter Chris Richter on Aug 25, 2016
    Where did you find the magnets

    • Ivylore Ivylore on Aug 27, 2016
      I found them on line. I ordered the neodymium magnets on line (amazon) Applied Magnets ® 10-pc Neodymium Magnets 1" x 1/8" Strong Disc Magnets by Applied Magnets (I ordered 2 sets of 10 since I had 16 jars). P.S. I used 1in magnets, but they really were so strong that they are hard to work with. A smaller size will probably work just as well and may be easier to work with.