Give That Oatmeal Box a Personal Touch

Eat your favorite oatmeal then keep the empty box. Pick a decorating theme and go with it! Use your imagination!
Measure some pretty card stock or paper to the size you are going to need to cover the box.
Carefully remove the plastic rim from top of box. You will need to use it again so save it.
Measure how tall you want the box then mark it with a line all the way around the box.
Cut strips in any width down the length of the box to your measuring mark. Then cut around the box along measuring mark. Discard the pieces you cut off.
Glue the measured card stock or paper onto the box. Tuck the ends over the top. Glue the ends down with glue of your choice. I used hot glue. Be careful not to get the paper over the rim too thick or the plastic rim won't fit back on.
Glue plastic rim back onto the box.
Carefully remove cardboard from top of oatmeal box plastic piece. Trace the cardboard onto card stock or paper to match the box. Glue card stock or paper onto the cardboard then it glue back onto the plastic.
Finish decorating your gift box!

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  • Phenonw Phenonw on Jan 16, 2017
    How did you get the netting on top of the box to look like that & what did you use to keep it there???


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