Psst! 5 Hidden Storage Tactics That No One Ever Saw Coming

by DixieSomers
We are always wishing for more storage in our homes but there are only so many shelves and hooks you can put up until it seems like every inch of available storage space has been used up. If your cupboards and closets are bursting, you might need to get creative when it comes to extra storage. Consider investing in one of these smart solutions below to give you a little more space without adding extra clutter.
Stairwell Drawers

Consider turning the dead space below your stairs into impressive sliding drawers. The drawers can either roll out on ball bearing arms or casters, and you’ll love having the extra storage either way. This can be great if you have dozens or extra blankets and quilts that you don’t want to shove in the closet or keep all the way up in the attic.
The Hidden Headboard Storage

Do you love the idea of a headboard with bookshelves but hate the look? Cover the front of the shelves with a plush padded headboard or a material similar to what the rest of the bed is made out of. Mounted on top hinges, you can easily lift the “headboard” to access your hidden storage. Not only will this look great in the master bedroom, but your kids may also want this kind of storage in their rooms to keep their favorite toys or books hidden.
Kitchen Cabinets and Faux Fronts

When you have a new kitchen installed, you’ll have to cover the ends of your cabinets with a faux panel that matches your cabinets. Rather than gluing this panel directly to the cabinet, mount it on a one-inch frame. Secure the frame near the wall using a piano hinge. You can then open the end panel to reveal a space for storing keys, a memo board and reminders.
Bookcase + Door

Most closets are filled with wasted space right behind the door, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy those hanging organizers that are hard to use and sure to tear apart.

Cut the center portion out of an old, solid wood door. Fit a bookcase into the opening. The bookcase should overhang into the closet. With the door closed, it will look like raised shelves that are recessed into the wall. Be sure to use heavy-duty hinges to handle the extra weight. The beauty of this option is that it can be used in any bedroom, family room or even kitchen.
Shelves Behind the Coat Hooks

Do you have a busy family and an overwhelmed mudroom? You need storage for the coats, shoes and other items, but you also need open space and somewhere to sit down. Build a bench seat with shelves directly behind it. Hide the shelves behind doors, and then put coat hooks on the exterior side of the doors. Finish off the project with cubbies below the bench for shoes. Scarves and gloves can go on the hidden shelves, jackets will be in easy reach and the entire storage center will look great. This can also work nicely in a foyer.
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  • Leena Leena on Jan 10, 2019

    Hi! I love your ideas, but how do you think we could hang our long coats, which we need here in Finland in the winter? We need storage for our own coats (we are a couple, 58 yrs old) and places for our guests, and also children and grandchildren. I would be grateful for any ideas? I especially like your storage center in the picture above.

    Greetings, Leena Immonen (, Finland.

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  • Angelina Angelina on Dec 17, 2014
    Sometimes the solution is not to move into a bigger house, but to use every little space you have. Clever ideas! Thanks :)
    • DixieSomers DixieSomers on Dec 17, 2014
      @Angelina I totally agree Angelina - work with what you've got! Thanks for reading.
  • Lydia Hughes Lydia Hughes on Oct 01, 2016
    Could that shelving hiding the stairs be put in place as a sliding barn door?
    • Ron Ron on Nov 29, 2020

      That is the one that caught my attention too. I'm a bookworm. I've got about 40 feet of 7 foot tall bookshelves in my living room (metal racking I bought from a Video/DVD store). Replacing most of the interior door with bookshelves I might be able to cut the shelving in the living room in half ... And it would make for an interesting look in the house, the main hall all blocked off with books would be ... different ... , but all me!


      I suppose you could, but it could be sticking so far into the hall it might be a hazard. Paperbacks are 5.5 inches thick, add 1 to 2 inches for front and back trim. Even wider if you want to do hard cover books. I do have one door where the barn door approach in the hall could work because i have in interior arch dividing that hall. It sticks out almost as far as the barn door would.


      I don't think you would want to do it as a barn door with the rail attached to the wall, but I have seen barn doors with the rail hanging from the ceiling.


      On the other hand, depending on the location, you might be able to do it as a combination barn door, pocket door. I have a closet on a "T" hall where the door could slide inside the closet. Could be a little tricky, but I was already thinking along those lines before I saw your question.