Turn a Ferrero Rocher Box Into a Beautiful Organizer Tray

I think every house has at least one of these empty boxes either holding some knick-knacks or empty without knowing what do with them. I had two of these boxes which I got as a gift from my friends for anniversary and birthday. I used one box as such for organizing my jewelry findings, as the inner plastic thing which holds the chocolates has deeper pockets so it was perfect whereas the other one has shallow and small compartments which is difficult to organize things like findings as it will mix together while handling.But you can still use the plastic sheet as paint palette for mixing paints.Regarding the use of the box, I came up with an idea of using them as organizer trays.These trays are expensive at the store but you can easily make them for fraction of cost you get at the store. These can be used in many areas of the house and I will show you few ideas below. Let's get started on the making.
Measure the length and height of the box using the ruler. Add half an inch to the height and cut two pieces of felt to cover the sides of the box. Apply glue to the sides of the box and glue the felt piece starting from the edges of the box so that no plastic is seen.
Measure the width of the box and cut the felt for few inches. Repeat the same process as the step 1. Apply glue using the paint brush for few inches, glue the felt and smooth the area to be free of wrinkles then repeat the process. Make sure you start gluing the felt from the edges of the box as said in step 1.When the other edge is reached, cut the excess felt using fabric scissors.
To know how I made the dividers for these trays, click here
These trays are so versatile that it can be used to organize many things around the house from office supplies to jewelry. These are perfect as drawer organizer too.
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