5 Basalt Column Fountainscape With New Outdoor Kitchen And Pergola

Tom of TRD Designs had already helped these clients create a new masonry walkway and expanded the entranceway to the house. While doing the consultation for that first project the subject of the backyard came up. Tom had several ideas about how to tie the backyard together and give these clients a little more privacy. Shortly after the first project was finished. Tom set to work on the backyard...
Originally the installation planned called for a large slate stacked urn water feature. This feature would require some solid plantings around it to provide some screening from the road. Although their backyard was spacious it was a corner lot and all that open space meant very little privacy
The basin storing the water for the new fountain was installed and all the screening plants were on the way. While waiting for the plantings to arrive we took the opportunity to dry fit the fountain and check it for level. Only one problem...the client HATED the fountain piece. Back to the drawing board... and quickly!
Hey these kind of things happen and you just have to roll with the punches! After a little discussion about the types of water features that could also be applied to this setting the result was this... a fountainscape/ pondless hybrid. With 5 overflowing basalt columns and a bubbling boulder situated on top of the basin this area took on a whole new feeling.
Laying out the plantings around the water feature. The grasses and bamboo will provide great screening from the road in the distance as they grow over time. At the same time all those small pachysandra plants in front of the water feature will grow into an emerald green carpet as they creep over the edges of the basin.
A video shortly after installing the water feature. With a brand new patio and sitting walls and the outdoor kitchen appliances being installed this area was really coming together. It was time to call in the carpenters to build the pergola.
A side view of the NEW pergola. The new dining area is slighty raised above the kitchen area, it provides great views even while sitting down.
That window under the pergola is the home office and it looks directly across to the water feature. The old pergola had a support post directly in the middle of that view. The new design feels open and inviting.
Layered wooden lattice work helps to block out more sun without blocking out the sky above. A simple fan and light allows for nighttime dining and provides a great way to beat the heat while enjoying the new views.
Looking past the water feature towards the road below. New Spruce plantings and Hydrangea plantings will start to create the privacy this backyard desperately needed.
This is a much better view than watching cars pass...sounds better too!
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