Mini Fairy Garden

I used only things I had around the house to make this Fairy Garden. And had a bunch of fun doing it. One thing I have learned is to use a tea spoon for the dirt much easier than something large. Hope you like it. It's my first. I also did a Beach Mini Garden today. I'll post pictures of it when I finish....
I used an old Tupperware container for the garden. The top of the Tupperware I used for a water tray. I than punched holes in the bottom of the Tupperware for drainage. Than lined the bottom with Styrofoam and punched holes also.
The white fence that the Fairy is sitting on is a milk carton cut to size. The same for the fence holding back the "Chic and Hen's which were in my Garden outside. :):)
I than added the dirt, cut dowels to size for the tiny bird and the water can and used tacky glue to keep them in place. I also used the glue to hold the frogs in place.
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