Fairy Garden Concrete Mushrooms

Andrew Bounader
by Andrew Bounader
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2 Days
Ever wanted a simple way to make mushrooms for your fairy garden project and couldn't get started? Here's a simple way using premixed concrete or cement, a few wire coat hangers, some cheap bowls from the $1 store a couple of cans of spray paint or house paint and some cheap disposable plastic table cloths and tape.
An $8.00 bag or premixed concrete and a pair of pliers.
Some wire coat hangers and other wire to 'reinforce' the concrete mushrooms and provide a stem to place in the mushroom stalk.
All wired up and test fitted. 4 different sized bowls from the $1.00 store.
A plastic table cloth left loose to give the mushrooms a smooth irregular dome shape, don't worry about the wrinkles you won't notice them when they're painted and in the garden. The plastic is gathered together under the bowl and I used packaging tape to wrap around the ends keep the plastic from sinking into the bowl when filled with the cement.
Wire placed in mixed concrete and starting to set
2 days later and removed from the moulds, starting to look like tops of mushrooms
First trial with enamel spray paint and the paint flaked off. so another coat with a waterbased vinyl or acrylic gave the mushrooms a nice glossy sheen.
Placed in the garden atop some cut down tree branches as mushroom stalks, an alternative would be to use tree stumps or anything that looks like a mushroom stalk that you can drill a hole in to accept the wire, pit in a few solar powered fairy lights, fairy gates and in no time a little girls' (or boys) favourite special garden, ready for the fairy's to move right in!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 Bag of premixed concrete   (Hardware Store)
  • Disposable bowls - various sizes, they don't have to be new   ($1.00 Store or from a yard sale, etc)
  • Disposable plastic table cloth   ($1.00 Store)
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  • Gloria Gloria on Aug 04, 2017

    How would you make the stem so the mushroom can stand on the ground?

  • Kay Kay on Aug 04, 2017

    Could you use plaster of paris instead of sement. Also, could you place @ stem in the cement/ plaster while it's wet to eliminate the need to dril @ hole after it has dried? They are realy nice, I love them. I love anything to do with fairy gardens. Kay Adelaide Australia

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