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Keri Johnson
by Keri Johnson
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It's September, which means it is time to decorate for fall & Halloween! (I catch a lot of flak in my house for how early in September I want to start decorating, but it's my favorite season and I do what I want! icon )

The first thing I do when staging a mantel is get the basics arranged. I have a small cabinet filled with books (Goodwill finds - $.50 to $1.00), to help add height to items and add color and interest. For Halloween, I use spooky titles and colors! And who doesn't like sparkly skulls in a jar??

Once the main content is arranged as I like (varying heights, small vignettes), I start to add some details. I decided to go with some spooky spiderwebs and this fabulous bat garland I found at Hobby Lobby.

A good start, but it needs more fullness. So I grabbed my bag of fall stems and started layering them, along with some battery operated candles. (These have a remote control, so I can hide them under the leaves and still get them to work.)

More leaves...

Some spiders!

Got a side-eye from this guy!

Here's a bright view.

Completed mantel with the candles 'lit'! Hope you like it!

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Suggested materials:
  • Books   (Goodwill)
  • Spider webbing/spiders   (Amazon)
  • Battery powered candles w/remote   (Amazon)
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