My Recycled Garden Bed & Greenhouse

2 stack recycled garden bed with rebars each side inside and outside
added cardboards before to add garden soils.
had to add metal brackets to hold all corners
added pop up greenhouse over my 2 stack recycled garden bed
anchors, then stepping stones to hold flaps of the greenhouse
I used bungle rope to hold instead of using it's strings to my fence.
I decided to have garden this year as I stopped past 2 years ago due to bird eating my tomatoes. Till I saw that strong quality see thru pretty greenhouse and decided to try this year to keep birds and bugs from eating my tomatoes.
my mom and my sister will be happy to have my fresh home grown organic tomatoes again.
I do prune leaves off my tomato plant like I did before. To bring more energy to tomatoes instead of leaves. I learned from tomato forum some years ago.
tomatoes look good, no birds or bugs eat my tomatoes inside my greenhouse. yay!
close up my tomatoes

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