Painting Concrete Fountain

Janet chambers
by Janet chambers
I decided to give my old water fountain a new face lift. What a long and labor intensive job that was!
I wanted to spray paint this fountain on my screened-in porch but it was too heavy to move. I found some concrete markers on-line and used those.
The concrete markers were more like soft crayons. Since the surface wasn't flat and was porous, I couldn't just mark it on the concrete. I had to mark the color on and then rub it into the concrete with a cleaning glove to get it to go where I wanted it. It turned out great but I wouldn't use concrete markers again! They are more for construction workers to write on walls. I do have to say that the paint is holding up well in the water.
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  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Oct 18, 2015
    The paint markers I used on the fountain, started wearing off. I wouldn't recommend using this pain.

  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Oct 25, 2015
    Well, after a summertime of use, the paint from the paint markers washed off, leaving a chalky residue. Next summer I will use some type of spray paint.