Wrought Iron Scrap Pieces Made Into a Garden Bicycle and a Hose Wreath

I found this in a garden place off of a country road and there were so many wrought iron garden pieces to chose, but this one caught my eye. The seller told me he just started to use scrap wrought iron he had and welded this bicycle. I just loved it and it has been with me for many years. I had my garden hose wreath on the handle bars but later hung it onto the fence. When spring rolls around again, I give it a fresh coat of rustoleum paint, but it was amazing to see all the pieces come together to make this bicycle.
Wrought iron scrap turned into a cute bicycle
This was an old hose that instead of throwing out, I made a wreath for the fence gate. I hid all the heavy string with the flowers and bird nest but I would recommend if you buy a cheap hose at the dollar stores, get the smallest one in footage. I made two, and one I had to cut several feet off with a box cutter so it was not too bulky or heavy. But this is like a15 minute project.
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