Lit Watering Can Yard Decoration

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This is only my second time posting a DIY so I hope this is easy to understand and I would love to see anyone's rendition! Each one is unique! We just got a new home so I am on a budget for decorating. Just about everything is from the Dollar Store except the Christmas lights. Those I bought at a Dollar General Store a year or two ago. Even a Walmart might have them for the holiday...or if you are a crafter you may have a bunch of stuff around the house like I do. I am sure if you don't mind spending the money they have some at the craft stores like Michael's or A C Moore's.

You will need the indoor/outdoor lights. (Mine have a timer so I got lucky when I found them.)

I also suggest you have a wire to use as a hook for pulling the lights through the first time. Again I have a bunch of craft supplies. I used a floral wire (18 gauge), strong enough to pull through, but not too big that it won't pull through the spout. You will also need a hook screw, to hold the battery pack. I got my set at the Dollar Store, it has all different sizes.

So your first step is to get holes in the watering can! I did mine under the spout and around the bottom of it too. This way if it rains it will drain out. I used the largest little screwdriver from an eye glass repair set I had in my craft stash and poked the holes with the hammer and kind of wiggled it around to make the holes bigger.

Next comes the hardest part of the project! Use your wire to go inside the spout and into the inside of the watering can. (Kind of opposite what the water would do) then put some of the lights in the watering can so you can hook it with the wire and pull through it through the spout.

Now that the hardest part is over, you can pull the rest of the lights through! Easy peasy now! Once the lights are all through the spout, put your eye hook on the side of the watering can so you can hang your battery pack. Now you just kind of tangle the lights up, so it's in a bunch...yes tangle them up on purpose! Payback for the Christmas Lights right? And hang it on your little Shepard's Hook outside! (You can also get your little Shepard hook at the Dollar Store that you will hang the watering can on.)

**NOTE: We have had ALOT of rain here in NC for 6 days now so I will post a picture of the finished product in the yard after the weather clears... I will put it in the comments for everyone to see! And I hope you do the same! I love seeing the different pictures of the projects and everyone's personal touch on them!

The finished product!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 small watering can   (Dollar Tree Store)
  • 1 Small Shepard's hook   (Dollar Tree Store)
  • 1 indoor/outdoor timer light set (30 lights)   (Dollar General Store)
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3 of 7 comments
  • Ginna Ginna on Sep 26, 2020

    I love this idea I’m gonna do this!

    thanks, I’ll send a pic when it’s done!


  • Ren51953283 Ren51953283 on Aug 06, 2021

    Here is mine but with a different water can it looks awesome in my front yard. Have got alot of compliments and I love it! Thanks for great ideas. I am making several now to sell and for relatives.

    • Cproulx Cproulx on Aug 14, 2021

      Oh my it looks so stunning! I love how much fuller the "water" is, it "waters" in a more natural-like way, flowing like it should. I am definitely going to get a new watering can an redo mine.

      Thank you so very much for sharing how yours looks. This is why I ask people to share, I love seeing different variations.

      And your family will be so happy to get one for their yard I am sure. You are very talented!

      Happy crafting!