How To Make a DIY Outdoor String Light Pole Stand

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Transform your backyard into a cozy and inviting space with your own DIY outdoor string light pole stand.

This simple project can be completed in a weekend, providing you with the perfect setup for hanging outdoor lights.

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Tools and Materials:

  • 4 large planters
  • 2x2 fir boards or 1-inch metal conduit
  • 50-pound bag of concrete
  • Water
  • Drill and paddle mixer (or a mixing tool)
  • Scrap boards
  • Clamps
  • White rock or potting soil
  • Hooks for hanging lights
  • String lights (shatterproof plastic recommended)
  • Zip ties

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how to build a DIY outdoor string light pole stand

1. Preparing the Planters

First, head to your local hardware store and grab four large planters.

Backyard lighting ideas

Since these planters have drainage holes at the bottom, you'll need to cover them up to prevent water from leaking out when you pour in the concrete.

DIY garden light pole

2. Adding Water and Concrete

Pour about an inch of water into the bottom of each planter. This prevents the concrete from sticking to the bottom.

Outdoor lighting setup

Now, pour a 50-pound bag of concrete into each planter. It's best to do this outside because concrete can be very dusty.

Concrete light pole stand

Pour a bit more water into the planters and start mixing the concrete.

You can use a drill with a paddle attachment or mix by hand if you prefer. Aim for a nice, consistent mix. If you add too much water, don't worry—it will dry up as you mix.

Garden string lights
Outdoor decor project

3. Inserting the Pole

Next, insert a 2x2 fir board or a 1-inch piece of metal conduit into the wet concrete. Use scrap boards and clamps to keep the pole level.

Homemade light pole stand

Ensure the planter itself is level before securing the pole to make sure everything looks even.

Installing garden lights

4. Letting the Concrete Set

Let the concrete dry overnight. You'll know it's set when the color changes and the concrete becomes firm. This will ensure your outdoor string light pole is strong and stable.

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5. Leveling and Decorating

Once the concrete is dry, level the ground where you want to place your planters. You can easily move the planters by tipping them to the side and rolling them.

Garden ambiance lighting

On top of the concrete, add white rock or potting soil and plants for decoration. This adds to your outdoor lighting ideas and makes the base look attractive.

Installing garden lights

6. Installing the Hooks and String Lights

Drill a hole through the top of the pole and insert a hook for the string lights.

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Grab the string lights you chose for the project.

Backyard illumination

Attach your outdoor decorative lights to the hooks, ensuring they are secure.

Backyard string lights

Use zip ties to hold the lights in place and prevent them from coming loose in the wind.

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Decorative lights for your garden

DIY Outdoor String Light Pole Stand Tutorial

Now that your light pole stand is up and running, you can enjoy beautiful, well-lit evenings in your backyard. Whether it's for a family gathering or a quiet evening outside, these lights will enhance the atmosphere.

I hope this guide has inspired you to embark on your own project. Share your results or ask any questions in the comments below.

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    I'm going to do this project for my Sister's outdoor area. Simple and easy, she'll love this ♥️ !!!! Thanks for the awesome idea !!
  • Elaine Elaine 2 hours ago
    Just found my weekend project. It's simple and easy. Love it. Thank you.