Marbled Solar Mason Jar Lights

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20 Minutes

Make these beautiful marbled solar lights in just a few minutes using Dollar Tree supplies!

This is a really fun and easy summer craft for teenagers and adults.

I bought all of the supplies at Dollar Tree except for the beads and wire. The main supplies for this DIY are small mason jars, nail polish, and solar stake lights. You may already have these items around the house.

And, don't worry if you can't find small mason jars. You can actually use any glass jars for this craft, as long as you can fit a solar light inside. Battery-operated tea lights or fairy lights will work too.

I'll get right to the instructions and there's also a video at the bottom of this post if you'd like to follow along with that.

How to Make Marbled Mason Jar Solar Lights

I’m making these lights for my porch for the 4th of July so I’m using red, white, and blue nail polish. Use any colors that match your decor. Glitter nail polishes are also pretty if you prefer a more sparkly look!

Fill a container or bucket with about 3-4 inches of water and drizzle your nail polish colors into the water. There’s really no technique here, just have fun with it!

Tip: Make sure you have a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper nearby that you can place your finished jars on to dry.

Next, dip your glass jar into the water with nail polish and coat all sides.

Here's a photo of my finished jars drying.

Make a handle using wire and beads (optional).

Drop a solar stake light, battery-powered tea light or fairy lights into the jar and enjoy!

I love how these lights came out. They're each a little different and look so pretty lit up at night. Below are a few more photos and a how-to video.

DIY Marbled Solar Mason Jar Lights - Video from

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Suggested materials:
  • Glass mason jars
  • Solar light stakes
  • Nail polish in different colors
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