Asked on Mar 01, 2017

How can I get rid of this weed from the neighbors yard, help please?

by Val
I am battling a very invasive weed from my neighbor's yard called Creeping Charlie. I want to try to prevent it from moving from the neighbor's yard to mine this spring. I thought maybe I could dig a trench and bury some cheapish sheet metal to try and stop it from "creeping" back into my yard. I don't want to use poison. My yard is full of dead spots from trying to remove it. The neighbors don't care what their yard is full of. I don't mind clover, etc but Creeping Charlie is the worst. I've been going full on Captain Ahab on this. No retreat, baby, no surrender. Never give up, never surrender! My only other idea would be to use cement in the trench and make a decorative top in front of the fence with maybe old plates from a thrift store to really give the space in front of the fence an eccentric and fun look. Or a moat with sharks. Sharks with frickin' lazer beams on their heads. Any other ideas?
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  • Deborah Campion Deborah Campion on Mar 01, 2017

    the only thing that works on creeping charlie is a chemical called weed free zone. use it only on the weed but won't hurt the grass.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 01, 2017

    You can try this recommendation.

  • William William on Mar 01, 2017

    I was dealing with Creeping Charlie in my yard a few years ago. My whole lawn was taken over with only a few spots of grass. I thought I lost my lawn. I tried everything possible but nothing was working. Finally I tried Spectracide Weed Stop and it worked. Got the concentrate, mixed it up in a garden sprayer. Sprayed the lawn and within a few days the Charlie was wilting and eventually my lawn grew back in. Now I just spot spray when I see Charlie.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Mar 02, 2017

    You can also try sprinkling borax on the creeping charlie- it'll kill it. Good luck!

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    • Paul Klosterman Paul Klosterman on Jun 02, 2018

      borax was a bust for me

  • I would probably try the chemicals intended to kill just weeds and not lawn... borax will kill everything!

    here's a site that talks about it:

  • I have a small yard and I do the boiling water method, bu that may be too time consuming or cumbersome for you. I hear you about the weeds, it is a constant battle! And I am not fond of chemicals as I have too many pets, not safe for them.

    • Val Val on Mar 02, 2017

      yes, boiling water is something I have used. It's cheap and plentiful. My other neighbor has a lovely Koi pond that I wouldn't want to harm. Thank you.

  • Nancy Heil Nancy Heil on Mar 02, 2017

    Have you tried vinegar? It works on almost everything for me. I'll never buy weed killer again.

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    • Paul Klosterman Paul Klosterman on Jun 02, 2018

      Vinegar doesn’t work. Well it may kill what’s above ground but a few days later it’s popped up again. My experience only

  • Sally-Charles Evans Sally-Charles Evans on Mar 02, 2017

    Well I am glad to know the name of that stuff that has taken over the back acre of my lawn! I can't mow it because the sap, for want of a better name, sprays all over and after one pass I cannot see to drive the z-track! Eyes swollen, nose running like a faucet, etc. With a name maybe I can get rid of it! Thank you all!

  • Danielle Odin Danielle Odin on Mar 03, 2017

    How does the saying go? One man, trash is another's treasure. But one man's weed is a potted plant to another. I used to have hanging plants of Creeping Charlie. They make beautiful house plants in Southern California. Mother Nature has never made weeds, it is man's idea of what a plant should be that makes it a weed or not.

  • Nancy Heil Nancy Heil on Mar 03, 2017

    No moat, just a spray bottle and a little time and effort on your part.

  • Val Val on Jun 27, 2017

    I wanted to update this because I bought sheet metal, cut it into 1 foot tall sections and buried into the yard right in front of my fence, I added the Borax mixture behind the sheet metal and it's been 2 months since I did this, I have only found 2 new spots of Creeping Charlie since then. I dug them up after pouring boiling water on them. I meant it when I said i was going Captain Ahab on this stuff. So far, so good. I was worried that the sheet metal would look horrible by the fence but at this point, it's not visible due to the Hostas growing there. They are of the Godzilla variety and grow to be 3 feet tall. I've been planting grass seed in all of the bare spots, and new grass is growing nicely. I am hoping to have beaten this beastly plant or at the very least gotten it to a point where it's manageable to get rid. 3 years ago, my yard was 75% Creeping Charlie and now it's just about gone. Hurrah for the good fight!

  • Paul Stein Paul Stein on May 23, 2018

    Great Morning reading. I believe the squirrels are bringing it over from the neighbor's yard and planting it in mine. I have random spots where the Charlie wants to grow. It's kind of a game for me when I start mowing the lawn I spend more time working on my Charlie that I do on the grass.