Rats invade my second home garage by the 10s help

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  • Jcraw Jcraw on Mar 23, 2018
    I’d call a pro, who would also search out the nest - unless that’s your garage. If not, and you’re up to it, buy, borrow or rent traps like you use for squirrels or raccoons and bait with peanut butter/poison.
    Google “baiting rats” and there is lots of advice.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 23, 2018
    Use rat poison. Make sure other animals can't get to the poison. Fill all cracks and holes with caulk or steel wool. They will eat and gnaw on everything and pee and poop there also. I had one in a shed. It was gross by the time I found out.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 23, 2018
    Call the local authority an see if they can help in any way...........

  • Bettie Gordon Bettie Gordon on Mar 23, 2018
    I’ve found that using the old fashion snap traps work the best. Combined with the bait boxes that allow the rodent to go inside and eat the poison contents which they take back to the nest and share. Be vigilant with setting the traps using chocolate, which works better than cheese. Don’t overload the trap, you just need enough to cover the small metal piece. once Caught remove and reset as soon as possible. rid the area regularly of the droppings so you can see where they are most active that way you can monitor their movement. I had my area under control in about a month.

  • Liv Liv on Mar 23, 2018
    Use a bowl of Antifreeze.

  • Been in your shoes and called the pro's. Poison with a bowl or water outside to get them to go out there and die is an iffy proposition. If they die inside, you have the stench. Also, the pro's disinfect the area where the rats have been urinating and defecating.
    I stopped feeding the birds because the rats REALLY appreciated the food.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Mar 24, 2018
    Do you live around a field? We do and will ocassionally hav them come into our garage. Our exterminators put out boxes that they will eat out of then usually leave and die. Also if you do keep birdfeed try putting it in a tin of some type (maybe a popcorn tin) or a plastic tote with lid. Hope one of these ideas you have received helps.

  • Barb Adams Barb Adams on Mar 30, 2018
    We left a half full 5 gal bucket of water in the garage just by accident and the next day there were a bunch of drowned mice in it! We kept emptying it out until they stopped coming. Probably want to follow up with a pro.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 01, 2021


    Call in the Pest Control Officers!