Amazing Wetland, Stream & Waterfalls Addition to Large Pond

We installed an Ecosystem wetland concentrated pond filter to aid in the clarification of the existing pond. By installing two wet wells in the pond and pumping pond water to the top of the front embankment and through a wetland filter we will be able to clarify and remove excess nutrients that cause the pond water to be compromised. The wetland filter system is planted with various hardy aquatic plants that are known to work well at removing impurities in the water and feed on excess nutrients. This will create much better water quality as well as a lushly planted wetland that will have blooming aquatic plants throughout. The other component to the project is a 50' long natural stone stream. This allowed for position of the wetland near the top of the front hill and deliver the water back to the pond via a stream and various waterfalls for viewing pleasure. The goal was to be able to not only enjoy the waterfalls by the pond, but to be able to see the waterfalls and stream from the house which is located in the distance. This gave the pond a completely new dimension and helped bring it to life. The Video was shot with a GoPro Hero.
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