Asked on Nov 02, 2015

Ugly view from balcony

by Bron
I live in a complex which has this ugly view from the balcony.
There are a couple of reasons that pose a problem why it can not be covered up.
1. It is very windy, so screens can not be placed on the railings.The wind gust is so strong it actually moves the portable clothes line across the area.
2. It is a rental so nothing that can not be removed can be applied.
I have placed some plants along the railings but I really would like to have other ideas to think about.
Any suggestions?
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  • Z Z on Nov 02, 2015
    What about building a frame with PVC where before you put it together you can make double cased panels using Solar Screen to screen the view? Something like what I drew below. The PVC could be attached to the railing with zip ties to keep it stable. The solar screen can still be seen through, but will soften the view. Click on picture to see full drawing.
  • Anna Simmonds Anna Simmonds on Nov 03, 2015
    You could weave web strapping through the balcony rails tightly. You don't really need to attach them since you can tie knots at each end. Easy way to create a visual screen at least for the lower half. I'd much rather look at the sky than the ground!
  • M.Ryan M.Ryan on Nov 03, 2015
    Hang flowering vines,ivy or spider-plants in pots of various shapes in simular colors from woven rope or fine chain. For less holes consider a closet rod or a stained 2''x 4'' to hang the pots from. For a night time sky effect weave a strand of miniature lights in to some of the plants.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 03, 2015
    What If you bought a heavy duty tension rod and hang a pretty drape going across that would block out the view that does not appeal to you and then decorate it with assorted plants.
  • PainterNoni PainterNoni on Nov 03, 2015
    Build frames with tall plexiglass......use several.....this will also cut down the wind so you can enjoy. another would be placing lattice fence...securing it to balcony with firm ties. The lattice could be decorated differently with the seasons
  • Katerina Stepovikov Katerina Stepovikov on Nov 03, 2015
    Go with the lattice. It can make most bad outlooks a lot better. Buy the largest plastic pot and plant an ornamental vine. Grape etc A really fantastic one , with the most incredible clusters of deep lilac flowers is PETREA . You'd be able to take both the lattice and the plant with you. Good luck. Just do it .
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga Elizabeth Sagarminaga on Nov 05, 2015
    You have asked good question.I think ,putting a creeping vines on your railing,it not only enhance the look value of your house but also protect from unwanted guest.Thanks for nice sharing.
  • Kincaid99 Kincaid99 on Nov 08, 2015
    How about an ornate door with windows, if you can put up some I hooks at the top and some hanger hooks on the top of door, this would hold it in place. Put some metal flower pot holders across the door and plant pretty flowers. Another idea are stained glass windows with pretty colors just above the balcony, hooks with chains at top and bottom hooked onto the railing would be pretty.
    • Bron Bron on Nov 08, 2015
      I like your ideas but we are not allowed to alter the structure in any way so hooks are out of the question. Thank you for taking the time to suggest ideas. :)
  • Kincaid99 Kincaid99 on Nov 08, 2015
    Well, can you put some kind of strap around the railings to hold the door or stained glass from blowing over?,
  • Elizabeth Roy Elizabeth Roy on Nov 10, 2015
    Definitely a portable framed lattice structure that can be removed when you move. You can hang different outdoor items from the lattice to brighten and cozy up the area.
  • Carol Potts Carol Potts on Nov 10, 2015
    How about weaving some sail cloth in and out of the spindles?
  • Ellen Beener Ellen Beener on Nov 11, 2015
    Tall Plants and maybe a tall sculpture would work to distract the view you don't like.
    • Bron Bron on Nov 11, 2015
      Thank you Ellen. I think that plants are going to be the only answer really. As it is a rental I can't alter the structure in anyway. Thank you for the input.
  • I have an idea for you and it won't cost you but a few bucks. Do you know what cable ties are? Do you have a wooded area by you? Since you already have plants and to soften the industrial ugly I would look for a bunch of long sticks, small trees, or bamboo (that would be the best) and use the cable ties to attach the bamboo poles or sticks to the railing on the top and bottom of railing. Cable ties are plastic and can easily be cut and removed when you move. no damage too. plus you can put about an inch gap between then to allow for wind flow. Have fun and since i see you already have palm trees this idea would look pretty awesome. good luck! have fun
  • Debbie Debbie on Feb 17, 2016
    Have you done anything? i would love to see a picture of whatever idea you decided to go with!
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    • Debbie Debbie on Mar 03, 2016
      @Bron I would go with the lattice idea! Just screw in a couple of cup hooks in the top of the balcony and the hand rail. Then use zip ties to attach the lattice to the cup hooks. It would only leave tiny screw holes & you could even fill those to be unnoticeable if need be. you could paint or stain the lattice even.
  • Carole Carole on Feb 20, 2016
    A planter box or boxes on the floor of the balcony, across the width of it, filled with bamboo. The living bamboo will make a living screen and you won't see the ugly view. You could use old filing cabinets (paint them) as planters if the cost of buying planters from a nursery is too much. How wide is the balcony?
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    • Bron Bron on Feb 20, 2016
      @Carole thank you. I would really like a combo of screens and plants so will look at the issue more closely again. I had sort of put the idea out of my head for a while and only went out there to hang the clothes but I am interested once more about doing something. :0