Outdoor Rug Made Easy

5 Materials
40 Minutes

I’ve read that an outdoor rug could be made easily with the right tools, so I set out in search of the perfect fabric to highlight a gathering area on my outside patio lanai.

A needed something strong that that would withstand Florida rain and harsh heat and direct sunlight. I decided to go with a heavy duck upholstery like fabric and had it cut to the size I needed. The rest of the supplies I actually had in my home, so I didn’t need to spend any additional money.

I saved myself about a $100.00 doing this myself and the results are nothing short of fantastic. This may quite possibly be the EASIEST DYI I HAVE EVER TAKEN ON.

This is the completed outdoor patio rug. As you can see it’s not very large, but it serves its purpose and it’s so pretty as it compliments my lanai perfectly!

I lasted the velvet blanket down and doubled it for a plush feel on our feet. I then placed the fabric onto of the blanket making sure it was long enough to lap over the ends of the blanket. Once the sizing was perfect I used spray adhesive to secure the blanket and the material together.

Then going around the edges and corners I secured the overlap with fabric tape adhesive with my iron, going section by section.

Once the mayerial was securely in place I turned it over on the mayerial side and brush painted on a high gloss water based poly to ensure this rug would be weather resistant. The poly dries quick, but I let it sit over night and by morning I had myself a new outdoor patio rug!

Suggested materials:
  • Heavy Duck Material of choice   (Joann Fabric)
  • A heavy velvet blanket   (I had in the closet)
  • Adhesive fabric tape   (I had in my closet)
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  • Ruth Ruth on Apr 26, 2019

    How do you clean it?

    when it rains doesn’t the blanket get soggy?

  • Nancy m Nancy m on Apr 27, 2019

    Yes I would like to try this , but how does it not get slippery underneath ? And it would get wet in the rain

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