What house color is good, when fence is tiffany blue with black trim?


My house is tan with white trim and brick veneer. The fence is tiffany blue with black posts. I like to paint the house trim black, but I'm stumped as to what color for the house that would go with the fence. Help, any ideas?

q what house color is good when fence is tiffany blue with black trim
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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Oct 14, 2021

    That fence is such a pretty color I'm wondering if a lighter / grayer shade might be a nice compliment (but not too much) on the house. You could also go with a darker shade but it wouldn't pop out your black trim quite as much.

  • I agree. A light gray or even white may be a good choice.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Oct 14, 2021

    a cream color would look nice or a grey/beige color

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Oct 14, 2021

    Grayish, maybe match the color of the mortar in between the bricks.

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Oct 14, 2021

    I would paint the house white.

  • Judy in Canton. Judy in Canton. on Oct 14, 2021

    The fence is considered a temporary structure. With that in mind I would leave the house the color it is and paint the fence black. You could bring color with hanging pots or a flower box.

  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 14, 2021

    A off white would look good with the black trim and blue fence. But I love high constrast.

  • Janice Janice on Oct 14, 2021

    A soft grey for the main portion of the house would be beautiful. I'd likely paint the trim white so as not to make the home look smaller. Then just a couple of black accents (perhaps around the windows) to tie the black fence posts with the home.

  • Betsy Betsy on Oct 14, 2021

    Hi Heidi: I think I'd paint the fence. Less work and easier than painting an entire house, which is quite an undertaking :) You just don't go slapping paint on, there is a lot of preparation before hand to make a job that lasts. I don't want to dissuade you, but do consider the amount of work involved. That is a beautiful colour on the fence. I think I'd pant the trim a brown or tan to compliment the home and then paint the fence the same colour so it will blend in and not shout "FENCE!" or "TRIM" at everyone :) Subtle is better, however there is a few houses in my neighbourhood that are colourful, one bright yellow and one bright blue! Very nice, but older 2 story homes. The fence will, eventually, fail and you will have to put something up to replace it, so I think I'd deal with the colour of that instead of the entire house. JMHO

    Good luck

  • Em Em on Oct 14, 2021

    Every single person will pick what THEY like. Pick what you like. Stumped-tape colors of paper to the area and stand back and look. MANY people also have NO SENSE OF COLOR at all. You have a beautiful color in the fence. The black goes with anything. You don't want the color of your house to FIGHT with the pop of color you already have (which I love) so go with a beige or very soft grey. Two neutrals. Look at siding sites on line. Some allow you to upload a picture of your house and change colors on the screen by picking points and changing color choices.

  • Heidi Sue Heidi Sue on Oct 14, 2021

    Thank you for all your suggestions, very helpful. I was leaning towards a light gray for the house. Its a lot of work, but I think it would be a clean new look. I already have plans for flower planters on the fence, French Lavender.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Oct 14, 2021

    Hello It’s a personal choice and should be your decision

    Asking this community board might reveal various opinions due to different personal aesthetics or preferences.

    I would paint the fence a less flashy color —-if it were my situation.

    Right now imho the fence is distracting and fighting..taking away from the homes curb appeal. If you like that turquoise color it might be used as a front door or shutter accent color.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 14, 2021

    Hi, It might be easier to change the colour of the fence to the colour of the house or Black!

  • I would go with a neutral, such as white or light gray.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Oct 15, 2021

    House with a pale gray, trim in black, and the fence should make a nice accent.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 15, 2021

    By following the simple steps after uploading a picture of your house on this Paint Visualizer, you can see what it might look like in different colors.


    You might need to take a better picture - one that shows your house walls and the fence only, and not one with the trash can and the truck in the forefront, or one showing so much driveway.

  • Simple Nature Decor Simple Nature Decor on Oct 19, 2021

    a neutral color would go with anything

  • Robin Czaikowski Robin Czaikowski on Oct 22, 2021

    I'd say gray for the house. My house is gray and I'm tired of black shudders, so I'm going with a similar color of fish story a similar color to your fence.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Oct 31, 2021

    i would paint house different color