Asked on Mar 18, 2020

How can I convert my swivel chair into a free standing chair?

Marcia Merryman
by Marcia Merryman

I have a swivel home office chair that swivels and rocks and I would like to turn it into a simple chair with 4 legs which I can buy. How do I do this?

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  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Mar 18, 2020

    You should be able to take the apparatus for the swivel off of the bottom of the seat and then just attach the 4 legs to it. Turn it over and check it out.

  • Gk Gk on Mar 18, 2020

    It would be helpful to see your chair-especially the bottom of the seat underneath so we could see the possibilities of how you could do this. So many different kinds of chairs but if you give us more information you can get answers that would be more helpful for your situation.

  • Unexpected Elegance Unexpected Elegance on Mar 18, 2020

    Here are some directions to get you started with removing a swivel base:

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Mar 18, 2020

    Hi Marcia, hope this helps you make your chair stationary. Stay well. Swivel chairs can be both convenient and a bother.

    1. Inspect the base of the chair. ...
    2. Tighten any screws or brackets on the base of the chair or at the bottom of the stand to see if that impedes the chair from turning. ...
    3. Fit a small rubber wedge under the chair, between the base and the swiveling pole.

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    How to Get a Swivel Chair to Stop Turning | Hunker › how-to-get-a-swivel-chair-to-stop-turning

  • William William on Mar 18, 2020

    A photo would help. Turn the chair over and look at the swivel rocker assembly. Remove any screws that hold the assembly to the chair base.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 19, 2020

    Hello there,

    Once you remove all the fixings for the rocker swivel, you should be left with basic chair. I would then make a cradle frame for the chair to sit in. Four legs and cross timbers for support. You may or may not be able to attach frame to chair, that will depend on its construction Sorry I can't be more specific - not seeing the chair! Good luck!

  • Pamela Pamela on Mar 19, 2020

    Hi ! Can you post a picture of the chair , and also a picture of the underside of the chair . I would think that you should be able to unscrew the swivel plate and remove it . Then buy legs for your chair and attach them . Or have a piece of wood cut to the size ( actually a little smaller ) to the size of the bottom of the chair and attach the legs to the wood , then attach the wood to the bottom of the chair ! Good luck and post your project ! 😊

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Mar 19, 2020

    Can we see a picture of the chair? The easiest way would be to remove the swivel and rocking mechanism and add the legs you want. But seeing it would help us give advise.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Mar 20, 2020

    Usually office chairs have a couple of levers that will prevent swivel. You can probably make a platform and insert the seat post into a hole in the platform.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 21, 2020

    Hi! Without seeing it, my answer would be to remove it from its base and then create a new base with legs attached, then attach the bottom of the chair to the new base with the connectors from the old base.

  • Ashlee Ashlee on Apr 11, 2020

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO!!! I can not find any forum online that will help me. So, seems like I will have a DIY project on my hands. We have a 10 foot dining room table and we want nice chairs. However, that many chairs and the type we want are a bit expensive... 10 chairs. So, I was searching online and found some REALLY nice LAZYBOY office swivel chairs. I'm wanting to turn them into a basic chair with four legs. Do not want the chair bottoms that are attached now. All I have seen is taking the wheels off and add flat sliding pieces in place. But then you are stuck with the ugly bottom of a normal computer chair. It's sounding like Pamela is the closest to figuring it out! Attaching photos if this forum will let me.

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  • Deb K Deb K on Oct 06, 2023

    Hi Marcia, hope this helps you.