Need to makeover my 2 drawer gray filing cabinet!

I have my filing cabinet in my dining room where I have antique dining set, table, and buffet..... the walls are painted a pale gray.... I just want it to look more like a piece of furniture .... thank you in advance for your time! ;)

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  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 18, 2018
    Pick out a color that works for that area and spray paint the file cabinet after a light sanding.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 18, 2018
    I would paint it he same color of the wall.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jan 18, 2018
    Here are some ideas!

  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Jan 18, 2018
    Here is a photo of the one I did, it was an old grayish brown one my aunt gave me. I dry brushed it with an off white chalk paint to brighten and freshen it up but keep it vintage looking (dry brushing is where you get paint on the brush, but then wipe most of the excess off so that when you paint, it comes out more streaky and the color underneath shows through), I did two coats of dry brushing. Then I painted small picture frames and printed out the giraffe picture and glued those on as the drawer handles instead of the actual door handles:

  • Kim21015324 Kim21015324 on Jan 18, 2018

  • Emily Emily on Jan 18, 2018
    If you know someone who has the skills, what about making a box (top and two sides) to fit over it? Fasten a door to the front and when you need to access files, open door, pull out drawer(s) From your description of your room you need to really hide the file cabinet.