Side of the Road Dolly to Bike Rack...are You Serious!

This is resourcefulness at its finest. He saw an old dolly on the side of the road, took it home, shined it up and check out what he made.....
It's amazing what people get rid of. Second to throwing it away, most people just leave it on the side of the road. So, open your eyes and follow these three @East Coast Upcycler "Side Of The Road Pickin" Rules.
#1 Buy a car or truck with a hitch ( or install a hitch) and get yourself a tray. Although they don't look big, you'd never believe what you can fit on them, which leads to the second rule... (P.S. ontop of the roof, inside the car, hanging out the back window works too as long as it is safe, of course!)
#2 Never leave home without your ratchet straps. Bungee cords and twine do the trick some time, but, seriously, do you want to trust a flimsy piece of string to protect your pickin' treasure flying down the highway at 75 miles an hour? Ratchet straps are much stronger and more durable. They are the only way to go.
#3 Always be willing to stop or make a U-Turn regardless of how late you are. Your next appointment will totally understand when you roll up with a car full of amazing junk. East Coast Upcyclers would love to see your side of the road finds. Post them up to our instagram or Facebook page (you can find all of our social media links at our website below).

If you’ve ever bought or found something with the intent of giving it a new life, you have upcycled. East Coast Upcyclers shares your passion for giving new life to old things! In 2014 a group of upcyclers along the East Coast joined forces to pair their DIY experiences with tips on where to source, build, buy and sell upcycled. They spend their time pickin’ for junk (treasure) and have a blast upcycling it into funky or functional creations that anyone can do while documenting the process! Subscribe to their blog at or follow them on facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, instagram or home talk. Who knows you may just learn something or catch the upcycling bug!
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