My Favorite Spray Painting Tips

I LOVE spray painting! Love it, love it, love it! It's so much fun, it's pretty simple to do, and it's so much quicker than painting by hand. (I also love painting by hand, because it's so therapeutic, but I hardly have time for that, so spray painting is my savior). I wanted to introduce you guys to my three favorite spray painting tips, so you can fall in love with spray painting too!
These tips will help those beginner painters and encourage those who are scared to try.
Tip 1: Get the Edges Off the Floor
A clean edge is important for a prime painting job. In order to get a clean edge, I always makes sure to get my edges off the floor. Raise your object on something, so you can spray it all over. Here I’m using a solo cup under my tin.
Raising your object above the ground also prevents pooling or drip marks on the edges.
Tip 2: Use a Hairdryer for Fast Drying
I use a hair dryer when I want to quickly add another layer of paint, or I otherwise want to speed up the drying time.
It took only a few minutes for this to dry! See how my finger came away clear?
It cuts drying time in half at least, if not more.
Tip 3: Use a Credit Card
I use a credit card or other hard edge (like a putty knife) to seal the edges of my painters tape. This way keeps my lines clean and nothing seeps under the tape.
See how clean those edges are?
One more tip: remove the tape before the paint is dry. If it's too dry, the tape might lift some of the paint, so take it off beforehand for some clean lines.
Hope this helps you spray paint your next project!

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