Roach and bug home remedy please older parents with problem

cock roaches and water bugs
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  • Deborah Kearney Deborah Kearney on Aug 08, 2013
    get combact, they work very well , just put near water , kitchen and bath especially Post Comment

  • Roaches are around because of poor storage issues. Put all food stuff that comes in boxes and bags into tightly sealed containers. Roaches are very hard to remove once they are established. You did not mention if they are in an apartment or their own home. If an apartment, its a up hill battle to rid yourself of these insects. It takes everyone to comply with cleaning and allowing the exterminator into the rooms to spray. They lay thousands of eggs at a time. The trick is to destroy the adults and small ones every few days unit the cycle of reproduction is halted. And because these bugs hid in walls where sprays normally do not get to you need to bomb the home every few days and attack every possible way to get behind these hidden areas to get where they are nesting. Once your on the road to removal, then sealing every crack and crevice is required. You want to keep them out. Lots of caulking, steel wool and paint goes a long way to assure that they stay out of the home. If you simply spray every few weeks. They are generating off spring at a faster pace then your killing them. You need to be aggressive and clean. Anything less would be impossible to get a handle on this. Also be sure to use bait as well. This in conjunction with sprays helps knock them down faster then just using one method over the other.

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Aug 09, 2013
    Hi Linda! I agree with Woodbridge E. about having to clean but once a very long time ago we had a really bad problem with roaches and we have pets and had small children so I didn't want to use anything harmful to them. I found a product at K-Mart at the time and it wasn't cheap but it did say that it was guaranteed to work so I had nothing to lose.It is called BENGAL. I didn't even have to remove the animals/children from the house and I started spraying.The dead roaches were falling out of the walls and ceilings in rooms that I wasn't even spraying in. I went around afterwards with the vacuum and just vacuumed up the dead bugs and we haven't had any problem since. You can get it online.We have been in this house for 23 years without any further problems. I asked the lady from the company why they didn't do more advertising and she told me that they didn't have to because their products worked so well. I guess word of mouth was good enough for them. I wouldn't recommend a product that I hadn't tried and trust me this stuff is amazing! Plus it is guaranteed to work.It will be one of the few times that you don't have to return something because it didn't work. Oh BTW, I don't get any type of compensation from this company either. Good Luck!:)