Keep Your Timber Outdoor Furniture Clean and Long Lasting

Keeping your timber outdoor furniture oiled is the core key to its long life. Generally, all the woods have some of their own natural oils. But, it dries when the woods face direct sunlight and the furniture becomes completely exposed to the natural elements. Some people like the old grey look on the furniture, but if you are not one of them, then the cleaning and oiling should be done 3-4 time a year, depending on the elemental and sunlight exposure it bears. Look for oils which are water, fungi and mould resistant. Applying good quality oil or special timber outdoor furniture oil such as ‘Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil’ helps to preserve the colors tones and patters alive but also makes it look vibrant. A clean cloth or a rag can be used to apply and distribute the oil evenly to all the parts. This should be done outside in direct sunlight so that the oil doesn’t dry before it is soaked in the wood completely. After that, wait for some time and apply 2nd coat of oil and let it dry completely.
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