Asked on Jul 15, 2014

Quilt or comforter does not fit properly

by Dee

I have a king sized bed that has a thick mattress. My problem is that quilts or comforters for a king sized bed are not long enough on the sides. My sheets hang out and I hate that look. On a queen sized bed, I always buy the king sized covers and it gives the bed a beautiful look. So my question is what can I use to add approximately 3-6 inches on the sides and bottom of a quilt or comforter?

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  • Olga C Olga C on Jul 15, 2014
    lace or a solid sheet that matches a color in the quilt you prefer, cut into strips and add to the side and foot of the quilt!
  • Patricia Brining Patricia Brining on Jul 15, 2014
    Buy a bed ruffle that coordinates and sew it on!
  • Darla DeVos'Rodriguez Darla DeVos'Rodriguez on Jul 15, 2014
    Try to use a CA King,, will be wider and you can always pull the top part down more,, you won't see it because your pillows will be there,, good luck!!
    • Dee Dee on Jul 15, 2014
      @Darla DeVos'Rodriguez Tried the CA king, still too short on the sides
  • Dee Dee on Jul 15, 2014
    Thanks Olga: Do not partially want lace on a king sized bed. Tried that a long time ago and it was just too frilly. Maybe I can get some contrasting fabric and cut into strips. I thought of ribbon, but that would not last through a wash.
  • Shirley Brunton Shirley Brunton on Jul 15, 2014
    i have same problem i sometimes buy two and cut middle hem it use as a matching blanket then attach trimmed off quit and sew it to the sides it looks like it was bought that way or i have also used ruffled bed skirt attached to quit
    • Dee Dee on Jul 15, 2014
      Thanks I really do, not like to sew much, so using 2 would mean cutting in thirds to make it look right. And then I think it would need piping, and I do not know how to do that.
  • Donna Tracey Donna Tracey on Jul 15, 2014
    I have the same trouble with my queen but I pull it down on th ed side that faces the door so it looks like it's big enough
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    • Donna Tracey Donna Tracey on Jul 16, 2014
      @Dee I will have to try that because I hate that they sell the queens as FULL/QUEEN. thanks
  • I had solved it by using a large light cotton or blend blanket the color of the comforter to hide the sheets.
  • Dee Dee on Jul 20, 2014
    I couldn't find a nice coordinating blanket or dust ruffle to match. If I go with fabric for the quilt, do I used quilted fabric or just coordinating strips? Would I need to put some kind of batting between the strips?
  • @Dee ...I know , ISNT it annoying to pay $$$ for something that ISNT big enough ??? !!! I found TWO duvet covers that are really large for a king size, and I put my comforter in the duvet cover...and its now long enough on the sides...they make the DUVET covers larger, to fit the comforter INSIDE, with extra to go around ! Go figure !!!
    • Dee Dee on Jan 04, 2020

      With a deep mattress even the duvet covers are too short.

  • Erin Jacobs Walsh Erin Jacobs Walsh on Jan 04, 2020

    Why don’t bedding companies just make a larger sized quilt to fit the deep mattresses?

    • Dee Dee on Jan 04, 2020

      The only place I have found that makes reasonably priced quilts at larger King sizes is Steinmart. But you have to be careful and look at the sizes.

      For queen sized bed I always use a king sized quilt. If you have a deep mattress they just do not fit.

  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Apr 23, 2020

    . Many king comforters measure 96 inches wide. GIven that the mattress is 76" wide, that only leaves 10 "of overhang on each side, not nearly enough for today's deep mattresses.

    Bedspreads and coverlets are bigger. A King size bedspread, tends to be much larger than a comforter or duvet cover, as it's designed to hang down nearly to the floor. A bedspread may be 128 inches wide and 124 inches long. A coverlet averages 108 inches wide.

    The Company Store sells oversized comforters that are 116" wide . That gives you 20" overhang on each side. They also sell oversized duvet covers to fit.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 17, 2021

    I would make a duvet cover for the comforter that is larger. On mine, I do not use a top sheet, only a fitted bottom with the duvet cover acting as top sheet cause I like my feet out to cool them when I get overheated. I used this technique a lot for my disabled clients also. Learned this in Europe cause those down comforters are hot, feet out and temp is just right.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 02, 2021

    Hello Dee,

    Either buy new SUPER King Sheets or Add to the ones you have. Cut up ONE sheet into strips enough to add to TWO or THREE others to make the size you require. Add am embroidery stitch over the seams or use a trim.

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Mar 28, 2021

    Yes they’ve been under-sizing comforters for years.

    a duvet cover made from a King fitted sheet is perfect.

    If you’ve a sewing machine, you could make a stuffable “tube” and sew it around the perimeter.

  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 15, 2021

    Hello Dee, if you sew, you could either use a matching or co-ordinating sheet & sew a 'skirt' around the comforter. It could be made any length you want then. Depending upon the style you like, it could be frills, gathers, a flat piece with a few plackets, or inverted pleats, or a few pleats inserted around the sides.

    This would also give you the opportunity to make pillowslips to match or co-ordinate with your comforter. Depending on how far you'd like to go with it, you could even make curtains to match, if you bought a couple of extra sheets.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on May 26, 2021

    You can add ruffles to the sides of your bedspread to hide the sheets that are hanging.

  • Kayla Woody Kayla Woody on May 26, 2024

    I’m going to buy 108 inch or 90 inch white fabric and put that on the bed to hang partially over black skirt. I’m doing black/white color scheme. I may cut three strips and attach to bed. Adjust to hang over black skirt. Even better I’ll cut my three strips from short white bedskirt. That sounds the best

  • You can buy some pretty fabric trim and add it on or make a ruffle and add it on. Just make sure you have fabric that washes well. Also there are some very generous oversized king bedding out there. I buy them on Amazon.