Need plumbing advice?


A very reputable plumbing company gave me a price of nine thousand dollars to change piping under a 1987 mobile home. The tech that came out saying those type of pipes is not up to code. There is a pipe broken under home whereas main restroom and kitchen sink can't be used, because it will go under house. Need advice on who else I could get to give cheaper price. Already suggestion of their financing plan. Hoping I can get some feed back today, because I will be talking to their people about financing soon.

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  • You need to contact another plumbing company, Dorene. Don't tell them about the original quote and see how much they estimate.

  • on Oct 27, 2021

    You’ll want to get more quotes for sure! It shouldn’t cost anything to get quotes. Also, you may want to call a “handyman” (or woman) vs a plumber as well. They may be able to just fix what’s broken vs getting everything up to code.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Oct 27, 2021

    Hi there I would definitely get quotes from as many plumbing companies at you can. I would also do an ISO (In Search Of) on Facebook to get advice from some of your local friends and family - they might recommend a much smaller company for a better deal.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Oct 27, 2021

    Agree please get more than one quote. frugal family suggestion about the handyman repair might be the solution. Ask your neighbors for a recommended service person. All plumbing has a lifespan

  • William William on Oct 27, 2021

    Replacing a broken pipe is not that profitable for them. Get at least three quotes. Your pipes may not be up to code but they are "grandfathered" in unless you do a major renovation . Then they would need to be brought up to code. Check Homeadvisor or ANGI for a local plumber to repair the broken pipe. A handyman with plumbing experience should be able to do the repair. You can also check Homedepot. They can refer a plumber that buys from them. My opinion, they are trying to rip you off.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Oct 27, 2021

    That seems rather high to me but we are a DIY family and plumbing is one of the things that we have always been able to take care of on our own. Also, it would depend on where you are located. I'm wondering if that includes all the drain pipes as well.

    My advice would be to go with PEX for the supply lines. He is probably right on not up to code, especially if they are the gray supply lines. PEX is very cheap but the fittings are a bit pricey. It expands so if you have a frozen pipe, it won't burst.

    As for finding someone else, check with friends and family to see if they have used a company that does plumbing and has good experiences.

    Financing will be tough because it will basically be an unsecured loan, unless you have some collateral to put up against it. You might check with your credit card companies to see if any of them have a low APR for short term. I did that once at 1.9% for 90 days when I bought a car and was a bit short.

  • Annie Annie on Oct 27, 2021

    I agree you should get another quote or even a couple more quotes from other companies. Having to change out the pipes will add money to the project certainly, but if you don't get more quotes, you really don't have a good idea if they are charging you too much or the going price.

  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 27, 2021

    Get another quote or two as that price seems high but be prepared for sticker shock when it comes to home improvement. It was easier for me to take the shock of current prices by considering this an investment in my home.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Oct 27, 2021

    you can get as many free estimates as you want - I try to get 3-5 on anything we have done and then I check out the companies online with the Better Business Bureau etc. Plumbing has changed over the years and more than likely yours is no longer up to code - between the polybutlyene pipes and old metal pipes, etc. the plumbers cannot replace it with the same thing you have now - they have to go by what is code for your area- I hate you can't use your plumbing without it going under the mobile home which is not a good thing either. Just keep getting estimates then decide what to do from there

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Oct 27, 2021

    Dorene we don't have info on plumbers for your area or financing plans - you would need to find plumbers in your area or look online for them or ask neighbors or friends - so sorry what you are going through God bless you

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Oct 27, 2021

    Go to another plumber have a couple bid on the price best price gets job.

  • You should try calling several plumbers and have them out for quotes. Don't rely on one quote. If you're concerned about what's up to code and what's not, have someone from your town's building department come out for an inspection.

  • I totally agree with contacting several plumbing company and in that way you can see if how their pricing vary.

  • AlexWilson AlexWilson on Dec 22, 2021

    I don't know where to direct you, but I can say the price of 9000 dollars is very expensive

  • AlexWilson AlexWilson on Jan 04, 2022

    After high school, I completed a certified professional plumber course at the school, which I found on All that required hard work and learning the job, but now I am a true master, and there are no tasks that I cannot fulfill. I don't think the price that the mentioned company demanded from you is realistic. My team and I would do the same job for $ 5,000, and there would be no difference in the quality of the work done. Some companies make up prices on the spot, and they get away with it because not all customers know the prices well. My advice for all of you in the future is always to contact more companies that do the same job because the prices can be drastically different.