How can I lock a pocket door?

by Elizabeth

I bought my mobile home 10 years ago. All this time I’ve had the same dreadful ugly lock and no door knobs. The door hangs on slider rollers. The problem is any door lock I’ve seen or can think of the door just slides right out of. The inside of the door (facing into the bathroom) slides Over the door frame, not in the door frame. That leaves a very little space for a lock. The door meets to the linen closet. I can’t really describe this so I’ve added photos. The door knobs are another problem. To attach them I have big screws coming out on the inside and out side of the door. This has been a 10 year project for me. Thank you hometalkers for all your and any suggestions.

Outside the door.


Lovely lock....ugggggly.

The only lock I’ve had.

The door meets the closet.

Impossible door knobs.

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