How to Upcycle Old Vinyl Records

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I know many people out there will consider upcycling perfectly good vinyl records and modifying them into house planters and snack bowls as blasphemous, but there is a perfectly good explanation for what you will see in a bit! It is always a great idea to keep your favourite records intact, but when you are running out of storage and you absolutely have no intention to ever listen to many of them ever again, you can consider doing something more creative than throwing them away. Besides, these projects not only show your great taste in home decoration, but in music also! These will definitely blow the brains out of your guests. Here are a couple of easy ideas. More difficult ones to follow later. 1. Vinyl Snack Bowls - perfect for a house party. Organize all the snacks in such bowls and your guests will be very pleased. The snack bowls are heated in an oven using an existent bowl. 2. Vinyl Plant Holders - similarly to the snack bowls, you heat the vinyl records around an existent plant holder. 3. Vinyl Bookends - perfect solution for home office, kid's room or home librabry. Some general safety tips: 1. Heat the vinyl records to 90. Open all windows and doors to ensure good ventilation and keep kids and pets away, because they may extract some poisonous fumes. 2. Be careful when you work with hot vinyl records. On one hand you should protect your hands from burns and on the other you should work fast before the record hardens. 3. Make sure you use the snack bowls only for cold snacks. As mentioned when heated some records may leak poisonous chemicals. Eating soup from a bowl like this is a no-no! Not to mention if you heat it again you might ruin its shape. For more detailed instructions:

Beautiful Wall Art
Vinyl Snack Bowls
Vinyl Plant Holders
Vinyl Bookends

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  • Leslie Leslie on Jul 25, 2016
    The butterflies are lovely. I read the post on them Maureen thank you for the link. I would try using a Dremel instead of cutting them with a scissors and then sanding the edges.
  • Ida Ida on Jul 25, 2016