I have a 92 year wooden baby crib , any ideas what I can do with it?

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  • Jeane Jeane on Apr 08, 2017
    Create a bench. Headboard with one side towel rack with the other

  • Ginger the farm gal Ginger the farm gal on Apr 09, 2017
    I think the antique road show would say "nothing" keep it original.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 10, 2017
    Make a bench and treat it for outdoor use and create a focal point in a garden.

  • Sandra Ware Walton Sandra Ware Walton on Apr 11, 2017
    Donate it to your church.

    • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Apr 29, 2017
      The crib isn't up to safety standards for this age. It would not be right to allow anyone to put an infant in it. Unless they were aware of the precautions they'd need to take.

  • Sandra Weidner Sandra Weidner on Apr 12, 2017
    92year old baby crib, do nothing, esp if in good shape. You could look up bedding from 92 years ago and make the bed up and put a teddy bear and life like doll in it for display, maybe some other toys from the era. But don't ruin and antique baby crib.

  • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Apr 12, 2017
    Some antique beds are cute to keep but dangerous to use. Paint, getting stuck etc. So #1 is it in good enough shape for display? #2 Is it valuable as is? Could you please post a picture. There are 100's of ideas but we all need to see what you are dealing with. A magazine rack might be out of the questions if it is 5ft.

  • Shirley Heikkinen Shirley Heikkinen on Apr 29, 2017
    For those who said make a bench out of it, this is a crib intended to hold a child, not adults. I would donate it to a museum. Or as Sandra said just use it as a display piece.

  • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Apr 29, 2017
    I would donate it to a museum or guild for display.

  • sell it on Craigslist. It will sell. Or donate it to a poor family.

    • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Apr 29, 2017
      As we said above it's not up to safety standards. Granted most of us survived cribs not up to the standards we have today but the standards came about due to all the kids that didn't survive.

  • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Apr 29, 2017
    I have a family crib that is older too. I love the way it looks. I "plan" way off in the future when all my other plans have been met, to try to make it into a seat, like a daybed style. It would keep the look of the crib but make it something we could use.

  • Empress Empress on Apr 29, 2017
    Oh...I would love to have such a great piece! I envy you! Enjoy it!
    I have an old baby cradle that I use as a place to store extra blankets in my guest room.
    I'm not sure if you would like a decorative use or a practical use, but I liked the suggestion to set it up as an antique theme with teddy bear and/or an old fashioned style baby doll (it doesn't have to be an antique one, there are some really cute new ones ). If you have the room in your home, as a focal point you could use the crib and the baby idea as a theme for seasonal decorating. Ie. Christmas: Christmas blanket, doll in christmas outfit, a christmas teddy and a stocking hanging on the crib. Spring: Pastel colored quilt blanket, spring dress on baby doll, stuffed Bunny and a dainty flower garland around the crib frame or spindles. Etc. for other seasons or holidays.
    Hope this helps. Have fun and enjoy having such a unique piece of history!