Tip: Fun use for old brass plated sconces. Thoughts?

Find one or two thrift store brass plated sconces. Lightly sand if desired and paint with acrylic paint. Now mine had spots for three candles and I used Dollar Store solar lights. Pull the stake part out and wrap the tube with tape so they fit snugly in the candle holders. What's fun about this is it can be made seasonal. Pumpkins for fall, snowmen for winter, and maybe even regular solar lights for the rest of the year. I have this mounted over my garage door and it just makes me smile to see it day or night. Also these light up all year long. Tis a privilege to live in Colorado. We are blessed with abundant sunlight
t fun use for old brass plated sconces
Painted sconce
t fun use for old brass plated sconces
t fun use for old brass plated sconces

I don't have a sample with just plain solar lights, but these guys are so fun and whimsical. Once the sconces are purchased (mine was $5.99), it's only $3 to change whenever the mood strikes.

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