Paint Layering & Dry Brushing With Chalk Paint®by Annie Sloan

Big White Goose
by Big White Goose
Some of you have asked me for more pics and 'how to' on transforming old kitchen doors and furniture with old layered look but on newish doors. I am going to do a blog soon as I can on how to. But this maple kitchen door from the 90's go a good going over. I used paint layering, dry brushing, and crackle text not dried to crackle but instead pulled it with a brush when half dried with hair dryer to resemble peeling paint. I have to say, I was almost jumping out of my skin when I figured it out and how it turned out. Here is a few sneak peak. Enjoy from Cheryl at Big White Goose.
Get a similar look with paint layering, dry brushing and Crackle Tex
90's kitchen door as it was.
step one-paint randomly cream with large flat brush.
step 2- mix Emperor Silk and Barcelona Orange
Step 3- randomly apply rust color paint to door.
Step 4- paint with two size brushes Provence.
Step 5- apply rust color and cream with dry brush effect.
Step 6- apply thickly Crackle Tex- cover with cream paint. Hairdry half way and pull paint with stiff brush to resemble peeling and chip effect.
Step 7- continue to layer
Step 8- continue to get the effect where you want using the crackle tex.
Step 9- keep going
Step 10- Amazing peeled effect.
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  • Shilpi Shilpi on Feb 11, 2018

    I have a coffee table in dark color, can I do the same way like you

  • Monica-Larose Monica-Larose on Jun 15, 2018

    Do you keep adding paint layers over the crackle Tex? Or is the crackle Tex just applied over the original paint layers?

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  • Dee Hartmann Dee Hartmann on May 27, 2017

    I've done this technique on my bathroom and kitchen cupboards and it came out amazing! I'm older now and don't have that energy anymore so I was curious about the above question regarding an easier technique over oak. I know the layers are what give the worn look but is there another technique that could be easier? I didn't see an answer to her question.

  • Sally Shepard Sally Shepard on Mar 19, 2021

    Where can I buy that crackle tex product? Or will any crackle medium work?

    • Lindsay Lindsay on Jul 29, 2023

      Artisan Enhancements website or one of their retailers