Dwarf and the Company. Handmade Christmas Ornaments

by Irina
I would like to share my idea how to make Christmas ornaments out of a wine cork and an acorn cap.
Everything is easy as long as you can draw free-hand just a little.
wine cork.
acorn cap,
sandpaper (a file for nails will also do the job),
acrylic paints,
synthetic paint brushes,
super glue or hot glue or any strong adhesive glue you have at hand.
Here is the step-by-step video tutorial:
And a brief photo overview to catch the idea.

Step 1: Cut a top part of a wine cork like shown:
Step 2: Make the surface smoother with a sandpaper:
Step 3: Start drawing your design. I make a dwarf but you can make anything you like. Some other ideas – a fox, penguin, fairy house, etc.
Step 5: Make two holes in an acorn cap with an awl, insert a thread and glue a cap to a painted cork:
And the company :)
Hope you enjoyed this DIY!
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  • Nit8356401 Nit8356401 on Nov 04, 2016
    Were do u get accorn caps , r these real accorn?

  • Dorothy Light Dorothy Light on Nov 04, 2016
    Where to you get the acorn top? We live in Az. No acorn tops here lol

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