5 Easy DIY Painted Christmas Ornaments to Try Out Now

Are you bored with bringing out the same old ornaments year after year? Well, I'm going to show you some ideas for easy DIY painted Christmas ornaments.

All you need is your old ornaments, some paint, a gold Sharpie, and a white Posca pen - that's it! I'll show you a number of different designs you can try, so you can update your ornaments with a new look. Let's get crafting!

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Tool and materials

  • Old Christmas ornaments
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Gold Sharpie
  • White Posca pen

1. Lines and dots

Drawing lines with a gold Sharpie

First up, I'm going to do something with this green bauble. All I'm going to do is use a white Posca pen and a gold Sharpie.

Updating an old ornament

Following these ridges, I'm going to go down every other one with my gold Sharpie.

Adding white dots with a Posca pen

I've been all the way around now with the gold, and now taking my white pen, I'm going to go in the remaining line and create some little dots.

Adding a new design to an old ornament

If you look at vintage ornaments, they often had dots and dashes and crosses on them.

2. Painted Christmas gift ornaments

Christmas gift ornament and paint

Next up is this little parcel.

Painting the Christmas gift ornament black

First thing I'm going to do is just apply a layer of this purpley -brown color and on the bottom, and leave that to dry.

Painting the gift ribbon blue

Now it's dry, so I'm going to highlight the ribbon with this pretty blue. I'll probably give it two coats.

Adding white patterns with a Posca pen

When that had dried, I used my white Posca pen, and I drew on the darker color some pretty little patterns. So that now looks completely different.

DIY painted Christmas gift ornaments

Here's another one I did. This one I didn't paint. I just, I painted the ribbon gold. I used the white pen to put some patterns on there as well.

3. Two-tone pine cone

Pine cone ornament

Now I'm going to do something with this kind of pine cone-shaped one. This looks like a vintage ornament already.

Painting the top of the pine cone ornament

I'm going to use this darker color acrylic paint, and I'm just going to paint the top half of it. Okay, leave that to dry, and then I'll give it another coat.

Adding gold dots on the points of the pine cone

I gave it two coats of the darker color, and then I painted the bottom half in this pretty sage blue. And now I've got my gold Sharpie, and I'm just going to make a little dot on each point here, just as simple as that.

DIY painted pine cone ornaments

Here is another one I did. Painted the top half in metallic gold, painted the bottom half in a darker color, and then used my white Posca pen on the bottom.

4. Alternating segments

Painting alternating segments of an ornament purple

The last one I'm going to show you is this golden one. So for this, I've got a color called Red Deep Violet, and I'm just going to paint inside here. I'm going to do every other one. I'm going to leave some of the gold on here. Okay, leave that to dry. I will give them all a second coat, probably.

DIY painted ornament

I used the white pen again and just did a running line down the center.

5. More painted ornament ideas

DIY painted Christmas ornaments

Here are some more. I'm not going to show you how I did all these, but I think you get the hang of it now. This is a star. I just used the white pen to draw some patterns on. A nice bell. That looks like a vintage ornament too. Painted that and drew on it. This one, I painted it white, and then as it was nearly dry, I buffed up the high parts of it so that the gold showed through. This one, again, ridges with dots and stars. And this one was gold and I painted it and did that.

DIY painted Christmas ornaments on a tree
Easy DIY painted Christmas ornaments

Easy DIY painted Christmas ornaments

So there you have it. Lots of ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments. I'm so excited to show you these ornaments. Just look how interesting and exciting they look now. Every single one of them is different. And if I decide next year, I'm going to change my decor to say blue and silver, I can just paint them all again.

I really hope you've enjoyed this video and that you're inspired to paint your baubles. Let me know which was your favorite design in the comments below.

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  • Lydia Lydia on Nov 05, 2023

    So clever! Thank you for some simple, easy to do decorating ideas. No need to spend a fortune and can re-imagine the decor in subsequent years. I love the pine cone the best then it would be the star.