3 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Craft at Home

Today, I'm going to share with you three easy DIY Christmas ornaments. These upcycle ornaments were all made using items and materials I already had at home. I hope they inspire you to make your own holiday decor this year and get creative with what you find around the house! Let's get crafting!

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Tools and materials

  • DVD
  • Scissors
  • Gel medium
  • Dowel
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Foam
  • String
  • Paint
  • Old ornament
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gold wax
  • Tile mesh
  • Permanent markers

1. DVD glitter ball ornament

Cutting around the rim of the DVD

1. Cut the DVD

To decorate the first ornament, I'm going to use an old DVD. Taking a regular pair of scissors, I'm going to start cutting right around the edge of this DVD.

Separating the plastic from the film

So they come in two parts, and cutting it around the edge like that will help me to separate the two halves.

Cutting the DVD into tiny pieces

Do be careful: wear safety goggles if you think these pieces are going to fly all over the place. I've cut it into little strips, and now I'm going to cut it into small pieces.

Painting a styrofoam ball with gel medium

2. Paint gel medium on the ball

I've stuck the foam ball onto a wooden skewer and put it into a piece of foam. Now, using gel medium (this happens to be gloss, but it doesn't have to be - I'm using this because it's nice and thick), I'm going to cover the foam ball. The nice thing about this is it dries clear.

Placing the DVD pieces on the ball

3. Stick the DVD pieces on the ball

Then, taking one of my little pieces, I'm going to place it on the ball. Don't butt them up, we want a little space in between.

DIY glitter ball ornament

As you can see, as the light hits these DVD pieces, you get all the colors of the spectrum. How cute is that? A little globe ball, and the colors are amazing from that DVD. I cut a piece of ribbon, and made a little hole, stuck some glue in, and stuck the ribbon inside. This is such a cute way to make an ornament using recycled materials.

2. Gold drip ornament

Old Christmas ornament

Next up is this beaten-up old ornament that I'm going to paint.

Painting the ornament matte black

1. Paint the ornament black

I'm using a matte acrylic paint. I love the finish with this. It's by Blick Art Supplies, and it's called Purple Madder. It's a kind of a purple-brown color. So I'm just going to give it a coat or two.

Using a hot glue gun to make glue drips

2. Create glue drips

Now, with my hot glue gun, I'm going to decorate this ornament. I'm making it look like wax has dripped down it.

Applying gold wax with fingertips

3. Apply gold wax

Now it's all dry, I'm going to add some gold gilding wax to my drips.

DIY gold drip ornaments

Add some ribbon, and now I have some new gold drip ornaments for my tree.

3. Tile flower ornaments

Tile mesh

Finally, if you have any leftover mosaic tiles from a renovation, you can make Christmas decorations from those too.

Cutting the tile mesh into flower shapes

1. Cut the shapes

The first thing I did was cut out a shape, and I saw little flower shapes in my circle tiles. Trim off the netting on the back that holds all the mosaic tiles together.

Painting the flowers

2. Paint the tiles

I am going to paint mine. I've got a very pretty blue-violet color here, and I'm just going to paint the tops.

Painted flowers

So, I've painted my little flowers all different colors using acrylic paint, and now I'm just going to leave that to dry.

Drawing designs with markers

3. Draw designs with markers

Now my tiles are dry, I'm going to use these marker pens. I've got a gold Sharpie and a white Posca pen, and I'm going to make little designs on my flower.

DIY Christmas ornaments on a tree
Easy DIY Christmas ornaments

Easy DIY Christmas ornaments

Here are my DIY Christmas ornaments. Just look how pretty they are. They really are quite different. I love them. I hope you've enjoyed this video, and that you are inspired to have a go. Let me know which was your favorite design in the comments below.

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